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Muhammad Naeem | Contributor

When I voted for Donald Trump in 2016, my reasoning was very simple. I wanted to see how history would pan out with Trump as our president. I had an idea about Hillary and how she would do as our president, but Trump was something new, something different, and something unpredictable. My thoughts were that history would never be the same again if he were to win. Well, that part was right. History will never be the same again. That is how big a difference he has made. He has practically turned everything upside down. He has changed us forever.

But not in a good way. Even though he was not a true politician, he has brought the ugly side of politics to the forefront. Just the other day, he called the officer defending the Congress, a murderer and practically invited—nay, incited—his followers to do something to the officer. We already know how he incited his followers to do something to the Congress, because he lost the election, and he didn’t want to accept his defeat. Imagine a president calling for what basically amounts to an attack on a law-enforcement officer. Can anyone sink even lower than that?

The answer is yes. There are plenty of politicians who are sinking to depths that were unimaginable only five years ago. The concept of dignity that was once associated with the office of the president went to [h-word], and we all stood by and let it happen. Trump kowtowed to our sworn enemies, and we just watched. Trump tried everything to dismantle our institutions, and we did nothing. Trump took the nation down an ugly path, and we went along with him.

I still can’t figure out why so many politicians are still kissing his behind when he has been stripped of all of his powers. Even after knowing his vindictive nature and knowing how he tosses his friends and associates to the dogs, they are still acting like he has some kind of magical powers. We know that it is not money that he is doling out, which is keeping these politicians begging for more. We know that it is not his “king-making” abilities that keep them afraid of him, even though the media is always touting his base as the reason why everyone is kissing his ring. None of that is even true, or even possible. Even Trump, himself, does not believe that.

At the end of the day, for all of his bravado and bluster, Trump turned out to be nothing but a greedy, selfish, money-hungry, and cruel human being. He is abusing the very base that propped him up to such heights and he is taking them for every cent that he can get out of them. He is treating his sheep like a butcher, who only needs their meat to line his pockets. We won’t even remember him in a few years down the road, but he and his offsprings will have enough money to live like kings for decades to come. It was all about the money and how much he could stockpile, by hook or by crook. Did I mention that he is also a coward for using his followers to do his ugly bidding? Well, he is.

There is something good that did come out of Trump’s presidency, and that something is highly significant. For centuries, ever since the birth of this nation, we have taken a lot of things for granted. We have taken our constitution, our democratic institutions, our sense of right and wrong, and our dignity, all for granted. We took our entire system for granted. We never did the one thing that is required of all systems; we never tested it for bugs. We never tried to see if it can survive when a hacker tries to take advantage of its vulnerabilities, like they do with all the operating systems for our devices. Well, Trump turned out to be the ultimate beta tester. He did everything he possibly could; he tried every possible method, every hack, every malicious trick that he could think of to get an outcome for which the system was not built— and he failed. He did not fail because the system was strong, but because there were plenty— and I mean, PLENTY—of self-respecting, decent, and honorable men and women, that thwarted his attempts because those were not the right things to do. They did not go along with his feeble attempts, because they believed in the system and did not fall for anything that he used to scare, tempt, or threaten them.

Yes, he is still trying to stay relevant, and yes, he is trying to get as much money as he can out of those that are still under his spell. But, with every passing day, that number is going down and people are moving on. This is a big country and a very smart county. We do have some fanatics, who believe in that cause, but their loyalty to a flawed man, can only go so far. Some of my friends, who were die-hard Trump fans, are now wishing that he would just go away. When we hear him spouting his lies, we just change the channel. He is like a neighbor’s barking dog, and we just have to close our windows and put something in our ears to keep the sound from entering our brains. The only thing that is keeping him from going away is all the media with nothing else to fill their time with. They hear a peep out of Trump and for the next few days, all we hear is just that. Each newscast, each YouTube video, each Facebook post, carries just that. There is so much noise out there that we think the whole country is fully vested into Trump. It is like a magnifying glass is focused on the manure in a huge flower garden. Yes, it looks like there is nothing but [s-word], when in reality, the outlook is, quite literally, quite rosy.

As a positive side effect, Trump is also weaning us from social media. As I said, this is a big country, and we have better things to do. I mean, how long can we digest all the stupidity that is polluting our airwaves? How long can we watch the small, harebrained, two-bit politicians trying to make themselves famous by saying the dumbest, low-class, insulting, and even gross things, just to get some likes, shares, and clicks.

I truly believe that we are now better off because of Trump, and we owe him a debt of gratitude. Our institutions are not perfect, but they are resilient. We now know their weaknesses and have plenty of time to correct the bugs and fix the “cracks” that can bring them down. He was our COVID pandemic, and we survived him. Hopefully, we got some natural immunity from him, and we can develop the vaccines, if there ever is another variant of Trump that comes along to infect our nation.

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