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(Turkey, traditions)

Thanksgiving is nearly here and I must say, it’s my favorite time of year. There is something really special about dedicating a day to giving thanks,  getting together and dining with your nearest and dearest. 

My family has some really unique traditions, started by my mom when I was a child.  I will definitely pass them on to my daughter. The first is that our place card is a small gift bag with our name on it. The contents of the bag are the same every year: a Christmas ornament for the tree. My mother goes to great lengths to sum up the entire year in a single, perfect ornament. I have some ornaments that are cats, some that are artist pallets…baked goods, suitcases from traveling etc. 

Essentially, whatever I was interested in that year was memorialized in an ornament. When I was younger, I thought it was cute and sweet but other than that, I never really thought much of it. 

When I moved out on my own, and celebrated my first Christmas in our new house, my mom showed up with a box. It had 26 Christmas ornaments at the time, chronicling my entire life, and it was the best housewarming gift I received.  I was so excited to get a tree and hang all my ornaments that first Christmas. I have already started doing this for my daughter, and one day, I will show up at her house with a box just like my mom did for me. 

After we open our ornaments, we take turns telling each other what we are grateful for, and then we dive into the traditional meal with all the sides.  Yours truly makes the dessert. This year I am making my mom her own mince meat pie; a pumpkin-custard pie for my sister and myself, and an apple pie for Jake, my other half. 

There’s really something magical about a room full of loved ones getting together and eating together, and, if you are anything like me,  you eat one or two plates too many.  If you need it, I have a fabulous remedy to settle your tummy after a big meal. 

Turkey day Tonic:

Brew your favorite chamomile tea

Add a squeeze of lemon 

Add a pinch of ground ginger  (Fresh ginger is an amazing touch)

A little bit of sugar to taste                                                                                                                                                                      
Add the sugar, lemon and ginger to taste.  Slowly sip and enjoy your settled stomach, then go for a nice evening stroll and you should digest your meal.  Then you’ll have room for dessert!

Do you have any unique Thanksgiving traditions? Email them to me; I would love to read about your own family traditions, recipes…and remedies!

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