Nuview Bridge High School golf team photo Courtesy Photo of Muriel Dufresne

Rusty Strait | Senior Reporter

Nuview Bridge High School golf team is back on their home course at Golden Era Golf Course, looking to win it all in the South Valley League Championship Tournament this year.

After sixteen years teaching and seven years coaching at Nuview, Coach Pearcy feels confident that his team is up to a great championship season.

Nuview is in the South Valley League of Co-ed teams that include Perris, Hemet, and Moreno Valley and all the way out to Palm Desert. The League is composed of Charter and Catholic Schools and Military Academies.

The spring season consists of ten matches and so far Nuview has won four of their first five matches. One would say they are off to an excellent start.

When Coach Pearcy was asked what benefits a student gets for being on the golf team in addition to PE credit, he responded, “To really answer this, I have to tell you a story. My Dad urged me out to play golf when I was in high school. He said it was the toughest sport… I’m thinking, yeah. Sure. When I started playing the game, I found something beyond tough. Golf is a lot like life…so much actually like real life. In life, we all mess up. Golf teaches you that the goal is not to repeat your mistakes but to do better so as not to make them next time. In fact, the brightest kid on campus, the Valedictorian of the senior class this year, is on the team. That’s because he is smart!”

Several members of our team have received scholarships for golf; one student from Nuview won a golf scholarship to Martinez Community College. This year Joseph Malone was awarded a golf scholarship to a college in Michigan.

Coach Pearcy added, “We have been so blessed to have access to the Golden Era Golf Course. We respect their course because in having a home course to come back to every year, our students learn the game of golf.”

Golden Era’s Golf Course is well known for hosting many golf tournaments, but nothing can bring more pride than to see teenagers in high school becoming interested in golf, rather than roaming the streets where there is nothing to do but get into trouble. Just saying.

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