A Horror movie that you can live


Ari Aster is a young director that is making a name for himself. With two top-rated movies and a bunch of short films, he created this excellent horror movie that is giving reasons to talk about it. This young man is a horror fan, and you can see that, in his work. But in an interview he said that he will now stop doing horror, to start exploring other genres.

Aster is very honored by the response his movie has, he even did a Q&A online to see what fans wanted to say to him, and he resolved some concerns the people had about the film. Aster is becoming a great director and screenwriter and has an excellent eye for projects.

This movie is a must-watch for many reasons, such as, it has beautiful landscapes, great performances, and the picture is appealing to the eye. Midsommar is an artistic movie and undoubtedly a terrifying one. It is more than the standard horror movies out there. It plays with your mind, and it gets stuck.

Midsommar is about a couple with a crumbling relationship that travels with a group of friends to a midsummer festival in a remote Swedish village; this festival is unique because it only happens once every 90 years. What seems to be a typical outing with friends begins to turn into something sinister and dark.

Rotten Tomatoes gave Midsommar 82% in the Tomatometer, and it’s quite a lot compared to other horror movies, the reviews and critics are mostly positive, and it’s all because of Aster’s brilliance. He makes you feel what the characters are feeling and put yourself in their places.

The movie catches you, and takes you on a ride you can’t get off. For instance, you will want to visit a midsummer festival and enjoy everything that it has to offer, but as the movie goes on, you will think that twice. Maybe you’re into creepy stuff, and you will still
want to go but let’s be honest, not everyone has the guts to face their fears.

If you like art cinema, open landscapes, and you feel capable of keeping up with a very disturbing roller coaster, this movie is the ideal for you. It’s not for everybody, some may find it boring, but if you’re a cult cinema fan, you will see the art of this movie. It’s exciting and entertaining and captures you until the very end. So don’t overthink and be ready to watch this!


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