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Joker and Maleficent Tussle for Box Office Lead

A pair of holdovers had a photo finish this weekend as “Joker” and “Maleficent: Mistress of Evil” jockeyed for first place at the box office.

Abominable: an adorable fairy tale about a girl and her magic...

Abominable may feel boilerplate: Plucky loner finds an unexpected friend, a wild journey ensues with the help of a motley crew, and it ends with a buffet of lessons about the power of friendship, family, and self-respect.

Ad Astra Review

It feels like we’ve been spoiled by space. Ever since Gravity seemingly changed the game, science-fiction has had to work harder than ever to impress us. It’s almost like the genre’s already peaked. Picking up the space-gauntlet, director James Gray quixotically heralded Ad Astra as being “the most realistic depiction of space ever”.

Jennifer Lopez delivers one of her best performances in this true...

The whole country is a strip club: you’ve got people throwing the money and you’ve got people doing the dance,” Jennifer Lopez’s Ramona says at a pivotal point of Hustlers; a simplistic but apt way of describing the search for power and control that drives this layered and unexpectedly weighty heist movie.
The roar of a king, or just a meow?

The roar of a king, or just a meow?

I must admit, I’m a Disney fan, and the original Lion King is one of my favorite Disney movies. If you haven’t seen the...
Top 5 Musical Movies!

Top 5 Musical Movies!

5. Sweeney Todd (2007) A creepy story with Johnny Depp singing, sign me up! To watch this movie, you will need a strong stomach,...
A Horror movie that you can live

A Horror movie that you can live

Ari Aster is a young director that is making a name for himself. With two top-rated movies and a bunch of short films, he...
Top 5 movies of the week!

Top 5 movies of the week!

5. Big Fish (2003) This one goes to the number 5 because it is not focused on the love story, or maybe it does....

Let’s talk about Kubrick

"Whatever today's filmmakers do, I can do better," Kubrick said to himself in those days when he was engaged in photography, just before he...