Everything you need to know to start your farm


A lot of people these days are choosing to begin their farm, to start growing and consuming more organic and fresh food. Having a farm is also good for your mental health because taking care of plants and animals helps you to relax and lower stress.

It’s a perfect activity for young people and retirees, and even for kids; it can teach them how to treat other living beings and raise awareness about the environment. Small farms are great for the environment because they don’t need heavy machinery or a big space, so also you won’t invest a lot of money. Farms can become an excellent investment; once you have your farm, you can start selling your products or saving the money you usually spend on them.

To start working on your farm, you must consider how much space you have. At first, you can begin building your vegetable garden, this can have many benefits for your health, and your wallet. To continue with the process of your farm, you should get a pond, and even a small swimming pool can do the work. Having water on your farm will help you hydrate the animals.

There are five essential animals you can start with:

  1. Ducks: These are the beginner’s best friend. They don’t need much space and are easy to breed. You will only need a small yard and water. Their eggs are bigger than chickens’, and the meat is juicier.
  2. Rabbit: These little guys don’t need much attention, and they’re good fertilizing your plants. But you must be careful with the population because having too many can be counterproductive.
  3. Chickens: The traditional hen is a safe investment. The great benefit you will have from these is that they produce eggs, meat, and fertilizer.
  4. Goats: They are amazing animals. They produce milk, meat, and a fantastic gardening service. They don’t need much space, and they will love to help you to mow the lawn.
  5. Pigs: Even if in some movies, they seem like dirty animals, they usually have pretty decent hygiene. You have to let them run freely (don’t worry if you have a fence) and the meat will be of much better quality if they live a happy life.

We live in a world where a lot of people think having animals to consume is inhuman, and everybody has the right to decide what to eat. But when you treat nature with love and care, nature itself will provide you with the things you need. Taking care of a farm is a great way to take care of the planet.

Always remember to use the right equipment for your garden, giving the appropriate amount of food your animals need, and taking them to the vet when needed. Some veterinarians provide home appointments. Be constant on medical consultations, each animal needs different types of care.

For your garden, you must think about what kind of vegetable you want to grow. Some veggies are easy to grow in small spaces such as pot plants, or small gardens. But if you have a lot of space in your garden, you can also start growing fruit trees. They will give you fresh fruit for you and your family, and they are excellent oxygen providers.

You will have to do your research to see what kind of veggies and fruits you can grow in your garden not only for the space you have but you must also consider the climate to see if your farming is fruitful.

People sometimes don’t realize we are in this world just for a moment, and that’s precisely why we should take care of it. We must think about what kind of world we are giving to the next generations and what kind of generations we are leaving in the world.


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