Alternatives to keeping the kids busy during the summer


Summer officially begins on June 21st. It seems however that it has already started, judging from outside temperatures. The kids are on vacation and looking for ways to liberate their energies between meals and bedtime.

Responsible parents are always on the lookout for healthy and safe activities for their children that will assist in their physical and mental development.

Fortunately, Hemet and San Jacinto enjoy plenty of facilities and activities that will keep children and family busy and challenged.

Take for example the Valle Vista Community Center Summer Fun program on 43935 E. Acacia Ave., 951-927-6673, with all types of enjoyable activities for the kids.
The Hemet Museum, 100 W. Florida Ave., 951-929-4409, with their collection of railway and Native American artifact.

The Valley-Wide Aquatic Center, 1801 Angler Ave., 951-929-0047 with their Family Fun Night and Dive-In Movie program.
For those interested in cultural activities, the Diamond Valley Arts Center, 123 N. Harvard St., offers an art exhibit free of charge.
The San Jacinto Valley Museum, 695 W. Ash St., San Jacinto, 951-654-4952.
The Fingerprints Youth Museum, 3361 W. Florida Ave., 951-765-1223.
Diamond Valley Lake Visitors Center, 2325 Searl Pkwy., 951-765-2612
If your interest is in paleontology and archaeology visit the Western Science Center, 2345 Searl Pkwy., 951-791-0033, an extraordinary museum.
The fully restored historic Estudillo Mansion, 150 S. Dillon Ave., San Jacinto, 951-255-5598, replete with period exhibits.
Many of these venues are free of charge or may request a modest donation to keep them in operation but they certainly represent a more fruitful and productive alternative to ipads and iphones – a wonderful way to prepare our youth for the upcoming school year and for the rest of their lives.


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