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Schools are back in sessions here in Hemet, San Jacinto Valley, and I couldn’t be happier. My kids are finally out of the house, and they are going to their normal babysitters, the teachers. Schools are “in-person,” as God had always intended them to be. We don’t have to worry about feeding them, because breakfast and lunch are free in schools. We don’t have to worry about them “being bored.” There is a new FPS video game called “The Delta Variant,” and they now get to play it all day long, without their mother constantly yelling, “put that stupid video game away.” Instead of talking to their “friends” through the game console, they now get to curse and scream at them where we can’t hear the foul language and the encrypted slang that I don’t think even they properly understand.

We are free, my wife and I that is, from these obnoxious human beings that we have the misfortune of calling our kids. Never did I imagine that my own offspring would be so messy, so unorganized, so thoughtless, and even soulless. I would complain to their parents, but then I would just be talking to myself. Most useless, least productive, highly unmotivated, and the laziest human beings on this earth. That is my children. The worst part of COVID lockdown is that I got to learn the worst part of my kids. May God help us all if these are the future leaders. Eighteen hours of non-stop video games, when they are supposed to be online with their school, and they can’t spend eight minutes doing the dishes. Six hours non-stop watching YouTube videos, but they can’t watch six minutes of their assignments from the so-called online schools. Four hours in the gym, but they can’t spend four minutes picking up their clothes from the floor and put them in the basket that is right next to them. Don’t get me started on their terrible eating habits and their terrible sleeping routine. I’ll be lucky if they can ever hold onto a job, if they are even lucky enough to find one in the first place. I know that they were going to barely make it in school, but I was surprised to see how many different ways they discovered to cheat on their school assignments in this age of the Internet. Their grades improved tremendously during the lockdown. Let’s see if the grades stay up, now that the teachers will be watching them while they try to cheat in class. I also learned that the teachers don’t know how to teach. They have absolutely no skills to “mold young minds.” That is when they are teaching in class.

Their skills diminished significantly when they had to produce videos of their lectures. I watched a few of those videos posted online by these educators during online schooling. I was more lost after the video than I was at the beginning, and I am talking about simple math. Our education system is not only failing us when it comes to our kids, but our education system is even worst when it comes to teachers. They don’t know how to teach. All they do is pull up a website and let the kids waste an hour until the bell rings to announce that the period is over. I have worked through some of those websites, and I have yet to find one that actually teaches. Here in California, they always come up with newer and newer methodologies to experiment with the guinea pigs, known as our kids. But they never have any methodology to train the teachers to actually teach.

Whether the school is in person or online, the teaching is always online. Teachers are generally lazy and try to do the bare minimum to earn their pay. No wonder we are so far behind other countries in education. Kids don’t learn, because most teachers don’t know how to teach. It is blind leading the blind—lazy ones training the even lazier ones. Again, God help us, as a nation.

Our local community college has so few students attending that two of the main parking lots are empty. They are so empty that there are weeds growing through the asphalt. I think mountain lions are coming down to San Jacinto, because they think that there is a new nature preserve being built for them. Some classes are being canceled because there are less than six students signed up to attend. Yet, some of the online classes are so full that many students can’t even get in. Two-year degree programs are now five years long. Even financial aid stops after four years. At the same time, high schools are loaded beyond full capacity. There are so many students in our high schools that you are literally rubbing shoulders when you walk from classroom to classroom. Where are all these extra students coming from, when there is no major movement in the general population? Did we reproduce so much during the lockdown that now the kids are all grown up and ready to fail in their classes?

The most amazing thing is that there are no outbreaks of COVID, so far, in our schools. Thank God and knock on wood, that kids are safe. Yes, the kids wear masks, and yes, their freedoms are curtailed. But they are safe. Do the masks work? We don’t know, but they are safe. They have not been vaccinated, mainly because in this freaking state of ours, almost everyone has been exposed to COVID, thrice over. There must be some sort of herd immunity that is keeping all these animals safe. Maybe that can also be an explanation for why their brains don’t absorb any knowledge. Let’s blame it on COVID. And let’s recall governor nuisance (Newsom, that is). We need a pointless cause to get behind; otherwise, there is no meaning to our lives. I remember my professor used to ask me a hypothetical question when I was in a university those million years ago. He would ask, “Muhammad, why is there so much knowledge in our universities?” Then he would answer, “Because new students bring none with them and the graduating students take none out when they leave. So, it all accumulates.” It is rather disheartening to think that knowledge is piling up in the schools and we are nurturing a generation of poorly educated, semi-literate people of low morals and having absolutely no work ethics. Most of the fast-food places are hiring and as my experience shows, they don’t need high standards from their workforce. My kids have a bright future ahead of them. Mostly during the late shift at these locations. They need their beauty sleep and can only work in the evenings.

Muhammad Naeem | Contributed

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