Coronavirus Files: Congress investigates pandemic response as White House eyes end of emergency

COVID-19 created a perfect storm of rising rents as people started moving when they emerged from lockdown. Those pandemic effects are still rippling across the nation, causing housing costs to rise even in cities that were once affordable, report Holly Fuong and Monica Potts at FiveThirtyEight.

Coronavirus Files: Reports outline long COVID’s deadly toll, and millions saved by vaccines

Thousands of people are waiting in Mexican border cities for the anticipated Dec. 21 expiration of a Trump-era restriction on U.S. entry during the pandemic.

Coronavirus Files: Widespread masking remains unlikely as holidays fuel viral surges

The flu virus took full advantage of family gatherings over the Thanksgiving holiday. Over the week that ended Nov. 26, hospitalizations for flu nearly doubled, reports Richard Franki at WebMD.

Coronavirus Files: Midterms to influence pandemic policies; evictions proceed apace

A Republican-controlled Congress could have big consequences for America’s ongoing battle against COVID, with GOP leaders eager to dismantle the last of the protective policies, end the national emergency and usher in a wave of investigations into the federal funding of both the relief effort and pre-pandemic virology research.

Election Pride

I remember when I first became eligible to vote, there was true pride in the whole process. It meant a lot that I could cast my vote and literally make kings out of ordinary politicians.