Coronavirus Files: Midterms to influence pandemic policies; evictions proceed apace

A Republican-controlled Congress could have big consequences for America’s ongoing battle against COVID, with GOP leaders eager to dismantle the last of the protective policies, end the national emergency and usher in a wave of investigations into the federal funding of both the relief effort and pre-pandemic virology research.

Election Pride

I remember when I first became eligible to vote, there was true pride in the whole process. It meant a lot that I could cast my vote and literally make kings out of ordinary politicians.


Every day the word "family" comes up in some conversations. What does it mean? There are more versions of "family" than you might think. A family of penguins or a family of writers, ad infinitem. We speak of every clannish thing as "family."

Older and disabled Americans are languishing for years on waiting lists for home care. Why don’t we fix this?

When President Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act in late August, giving seniors a much-needed break on drug prices, one important provision in the legislation was left out.


I know the secret to staying healthy. It is quite simple actually and does not require much effort. As a matter of fact, it requires no effort at all. Just don't go see a doctor and you can stay healthy forever.