Five hard-won reporting lessons from a deep dive into California’s child care shortage

There were a handful of moments when I thought my reporting project on California’s child care shortage was going to fall apart. 

The Health Divide: Black transgender people are not safe, and the story goes beyond deaths

As a Black trans woman, Elle Halo has experienced sexual violence from partners, family, people she called her friends, and people in the community throughout her life. 

These five strategies helped me present a more honest look at homelessness and addiction in LA

When I set out to investigate the realities of street drug use in Los Angeles, I knew I wanted to bring readers inside the world of people battling homelessness and addiction.

Charged as adults: Telling the stories of incarcerated youth in Texas

They can’t smoke. They can’t drink. They can’t buy bullets. And yet state lawmakers have agreed that they are mature enough to be criminally charged, punished and incarcerated as adults. 

Earth is outside its ‘safe operating space for humanity’ on most key measurements, study says

Earth is exceeding its “safe operating space for humanity” in six of nine key measurements of its health, and two of the remaining three are headed in the wrong direction, a new study said.