Coronavirus Files: Three years in, data show pandemic hurt Black children, pregnant women

The World Health Organization declared the coronavirus a pandemic in March 2020, and several news outlets noted the anniversary last week. 

Coronavirus Files: Parents lied about kids’ COVID, and cheap drug may cut long COVID risk

Rampant COVID-related deceptions likely contributed to the pandemic’s spread and death toll, according to the authors of a new study in JAMA Network Open. 

Coronavirus Files: Lab leak returns to headlines as California emergency expires

Essential workers — mostly Black, Latino and low-income — faced all kinds of invasive surveillance during the height of the pandemic. Yet they weren’t given the most useful information that would allow them to monitor their own COVID-19 exposure, reports Ambar Castillo at STAT.

Coronavirus Files: Latest data shows prisoners were vulnerable to COVID

The death rate in state and federal prisons rose by almost 50% during the first pandemic year, according to a new UCLA data project.

Coronavirus Files: The beginning of the end

When a trio of health equity scholars set out to study racial and ethnic inequities during the pandemic, they failed, the researchers write in STAT. The data just weren’t there.