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My new hero

Definition of the word “hero” usually involves courage and sacrifice above and beyond the normal threshold. Classic meaning of hero is a “warrior that lives and dies in the pursuit of honor,” and fights with “brilliancy, efficiency, and ingenuity.”

Glorified Babysitter

“Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach.” This is a famous line from George Bernard Shaw’s play Man and Superman, and some people often use it to denigrate the profession of teaching.

Our Next President

I like to introduce you to our next president: Mike Pence. I know he hasn’t declared his bid for the presidency yet, but he will. He is a shrewd and calculating politician and he is just waiting to see which way the wind is blowing before he throws his hat into the race.

Masks and Vaccine Cards

My brother was recently hospitalized for something or other. He and I live only a mile away from each other, but we never really see each other unless there is some sort of emergency. Well, his being hospitalized would definitely constitute an emergency and thus it required that I go see him.

Defend the Constitution

I remember an episode of Star Trek, titled “The Omega Glory”, where a civilization uses two of our documents as their sacred writings, one being the Pledge of Allegiance, and the other being the Constitution.


Toxic algae blooms hit Inland Empire lakes, threaten people and pets

With summer fast approaching, toxic algal blooms are beginning to pop up at Inland Empire lakes, posing a threat to people and their pets.

Riverside has the fourth-worst inflation rate in the U.S.

The Riverside area has the fourth-worst inflation rate in the country, trailing only cities like Dallas, Detroit and Honolulu, according to a new report.

Math teacher at Indio High School named a 2025 Riverside County Teacher of the Year

What’s it like to learn math from a Riverside County Teacher of the Year at Indio High School?

King Charles’ new portrait elicits interesting reactions: ‘Looks like he’s bathing in blood’

If the British royal family was looking for a public relations win after Princess Catherine’s Photoshop fails, the unveiling of King Charles’ newest royal portrait was not it.