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Saturday, August 13, 2022

Coronavirus Files: States drop masks; FDA pulls plug on early vax...

People of color have had a harder time during the pandemic across the United States, but the state of Texas was particularly slow to offer data on the racial breakdown of cases, deaths and vaccinations. 

Coronavirus Files: FDA plans to vaccinate youngest children; Spotify misinformation stirs...

People of color are at least twice as likely to die of COVID as white people. In the Black community, the loss of so many lives also means the loss of oral history, as Janell Ross writes at Time.

Over 40 Percent of Drivers with Past-year Alcohol and Cannabis Use...

In a study of drivers with past year alcohol and cannabis use, researchers at Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health found that two in five drivers reporting alcohol and cannabis in the past year drove under the influence of alcohol, cannabis or both.

Immigrant workers in meatpacking plants were hit hard by COVID. Few...

When COVID-19 hit the nation’s meatpacking plants and infected thousands of workers in the spring of 2020, it was widely reported.

An Environmental Health Scientist Widens the Lens

As the saying goes: beauty is only skin deep. Yet the way beauty is defined often inflicts damage that cuts deeper. In her research, Ami Zota, an incoming faculty member in the Department of Environmental Health Sciences, has exposed the hidden risks of chemicals used in beauty products and documented their disproportionate harms among women of color.

Pushing past the stigma: Lessons from covering suicide and suicidal behaviors

Earlier this year, when I was reporting on the number of young children ending up in the emergency room because of a mental health crisis, I did not have much difficulty connecting with families. Interestingly, everyone who agreed to talk was white. They were either keen to reduce the stigma associated with mental illness or did not consider it a shameful subject. 

How mountains of court data exposed Chicago’s unjust dead-end drug arrests

The results of the drug war in Chicago are clear: people who use drugs keep getting targeted with arrests and the justice system continues to make their lives worse while sticking taxpayers with the bill.

What we found digging into an elder care landscape rocked by...

There is no elder care system in California. Instead, there is a patchwork of options. And because, with limited exceptions, we don’t dedicate public funds to long-term daily care, many options are wildly out of reach to families without significant resources.  

Is COVID causing developmental delays in kids?

Alex, a happy, smiling, nearly 2-year-old boy, was born in February 2020. By the time he turned 1, his development was noticeably behind.

This powerful series on diabetes from Reuters lays bare our health...

It’s rare these days that we get an amazing piece of health journalism that really explicates what’s wrong with the U.S. health system. But “Out of Control: America’s losing battle against diabetes,” is a series of three stories published starting in August by Chad Terhune, Robin Respaut, and Deborah J. Nelson at Reuters, gets right to the troubles plaguing American health care.