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Tuesday, December 1, 2020

The outrage of police defunding

The phrase "defunding the police" has to be perhaps one of the worse marketing ever done in history. However, the vagueness of this term gives politicians a lot of wiggle room to use the language without defining what they will actually do.

A Choice to Make

The arrest and subsequent death of George Floyd was universally denounced as being reprehensible. As we saw, this incident sparked protests across our nation.

United We Stand – Divided We Fail

This past Saturday was the 76th anniversary of D-Day. The 15,500 men of the 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions were dropped into Normandy at night.

My generation failed to deal with racism

I wish I could publish a blank column today. As a 75-year-old white guy, it is hard to know what to say in response to racism and police violence toward black men and women.

Ten Years in and Hell and then All Hell Broke our...

From which we continued to recover when Donald J. Trump became president. It became fashionable to throw out the words, "Make America Great Again." Words I distinctly remember from the late 1930's in Germany. But we were America at its strongest now. Nothing like that could ever happen here. No way.

Good Old Days

The other day I became intensely engrossed in a conversation with two friends who were about my age. All three of us closer to 100 than to 50 years old. The conversation became contentious over the issue


The nineties came in like a lamb and went out like a windstorm. Everything in our society seemed topsy-turvy. It was the decade of credit card mania, bigger homes, more expensive cars and extravagant spending.


The 1980 presidential race, even with three major candidates, was a cakewalk for the former actor and Governor of California. Ronald Reagan was swept into the White House (garnering 489 electoral votes), with his "kitchen cabinet" in tow.


The 1968 Republican Convention preceded the Democratic fiasco in Chicago a week or two later. However, in some ways, it was an omen

Breathing Problems

I find myself short-winded a lot lately. I suffer from shortness of breath, labored breathing, maybe even feeling somewhat dizzy and lightheaded