Gun Deaths More Likely in Small Towns Than Major Cities

Contrary to popular belief, firearm deaths in the United States are statistically more likely in small towns, not major cities, according to new research. Across the country, gun suicides are more common than gun homicides, and gun suicides are largely responsible for an increase in gun deaths over the past few decades, the study also finds.

Coronavirus Files: U.S. cuts short national emergency and funds next-gen vax research

President Joe Biden abruptly ended the national COVID-19 emergency last Monday, a month early and with little fanfare, after Congress forced his hand.


Hand to God tells us that life is one big puppet show - or does it? The Coachella Valley Repertory is ensured into the live stage like nobody around here in recent history. They ended the season with a study in life as though we were all puppets being manipulated by someone else. However, in the long run, someone else is us.

Coronavirus Files: State policies and social forces influenced death rates

Hard-won achievements against the COVID pandemic and mpox outbreak may help public health officials combat inequities going forward, write Margo Snipe and Kenya Hunter at Capital B.

Coronavirus Files: Three years in, data show pandemic hurt Black children, pregnant women

The World Health Organization declared the coronavirus a pandemic in March 2020, and several news outlets noted the anniversary last week.