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Monday, November 28, 2022


I know the secret to staying healthy. It is quite simple actually and does not require much effort. As a matter of fact, it requires no effort at all. Just don't go see a doctor and you can stay healthy forever.

Government releases new booster ads as experts fear ‘tripledemic’

New advertisements for COVID boosters target Black, Latino, Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander populations, as well as residents of rural areas, reports Jacqueline Howard at CNN.

Eulogy for Pioneer John Shaver’s Homestead

My name is Gerald Lance Johannsen, and I was the former owner of this Grand Old Dame of San Jacinto, from 1979 until 1996. The Shaver House will soon pass into memory or photos, after a devastating fire, destroyed it on August 31st, 2022.


In the last several weeks, all manner of dirty laundry has been aired, from long time city council member Linda Krupa to accusations about Congressional District 25 candidate Brian Hawkins to the questionable actions on the part of several city council member in support of Measure H.

Is California doing enough to keep mobile home park residents safe?

In California, where housing prices are driving low-income people out of the state, mobile home parks remain some of the last oases of affordable housing.

Coronavirus Files: New boosters authorized for elementary-age kids

The FDA and CDC have authorized the new omicron-specific COVID booster shots for elementary-aged kids. Moderna’s booster will now be available for children 6 and up; Pfizer’s for ages 5 and older.

Scientists eye omicron descendants for potential new wave

At a Center for Health Journalism webinar last week, the NIH’s Dr. Anthony Fauci said he wouldn’t be surprised if the coming months bring a new coronavirus variant that’s capable of evading our current immune responses.

Coronavirus Files: Masks requirements fall and women head back to work

The latest guidance from the CDC no longer universally recommends masking in hospitals and nursing homes, “a major departure from the agency’s previous recommendation,” writes Nathaniel Weixel at The Hill.

Maybe Hemet has the Wrong Form of Government

Is it possible that the City of Hemet has come to a time when they should consider how they govern our fair City? Since 2000, 12 or 13 city managers have come and gone. Sometimes they are fired. Other times they just can't seem to handle a City Council that wants to manage the City Manager and that's not the way it works.

Coronavirus Files: Long COVID advocates protest Biden’s declaration of pandemic’s end

President Joe Biden may consider the pandemic “over” — as he controversially said on CBS’ 60 Minutes — but those words stung for people with long COVID, some of whom protested outside the White House last Monday.