Corona Virus


(Corona Virus)

I have family members who live in Corona. You know where I am going with this. I am afraid to go visit them, because, you know, of the Corona Virus. Yes, I know it is Coronavirus, but I am using proper grammar. Heheh. What is even worst, my brother lives in Norco, which stands for North Corona, which I guess must be a mutation of the Coronavirus. No amount of soap or alcohol-based hand rubs will help me there.

I kid, of course. This is a serious disease and we all must be weary of its spread and transmission. But, my favorite part of being an American is that we can find humor in any kind of situation. I mean, you must have heard of people joking that they will never catch this virus because they don’t drink Corona bear.

I had to take my son, yet again, to ER because he was having strong fever. I think my son does the ER thing every now and then just to bother his mother. It always happens on the days that she wants to relax and enjoy her day off. Of course, the first question they asked at the ER was if we had traveled to China. The two doctors that attended him were Chinese. Is it wrong of me to see irony in this situation?!

I am with the President. This virus is going to disappear, almost magically, come April. It is made in China. As all my fellow Walmart shoppers know, made in China means it won’t last. But we must do something if it affects my shopping experience at Walmart.

Of course, there are some conspiracy theories that claim that this virus was created to bring down the Chinese empire and ruin its financial success. Or worst, that it is a form of population control that has gotten out of control. Well, people say such things pretty much all the time when something starts trending. I guess we can assume that Democrats had a hand in it. They couldn’t impeach the President, so they resorted to other ways of affecting his reelection. I guess, politics has morphed into something vicious.

Of course, I kid again. We all know that Democrats don’t have the wisdom or the know how to bring about such diabolical conspiracy. They were hung up on the world ending in 12 years. Ha, the joke is on them. It may end sooner.

There is a positive side effect of this epidemic. Or is it a pandemic? I can never tell the difference. Wait, I think I can. A pandemic is an epidemic on international scale. So, yes, there is a positive side effect of this pandemic. Some people call it disaster capitalism. Some companies take advantage of disasters to make money. There is a vast array of products being sold with Coronavirus as the main theme. Main product being T-Shirts with Coronavirus related memes and jokes. I know that some people frown upon this way of making money, but humor does allow us to cope with the said disaster and helps change the mood for better. My favorite shirt is with Baby Yoda using the Force to fight the virus. I think it is cute. Then again, anything with Baby Yoda on it is cute.

Best advice to avoid catching this virus is to not shake hands with anyone and to not make physical contact with those that may show symptoms of anything resembling the resultant flu. But I think we should never shake hands with anyone regardless of the epidemic, sorry, pandemic. I don’t know about you, but I have seen people do weird and scary things with their hands before they shake them with me. Some are just sick, but others are very cringe-worthy. Just think of people handling money and all that we hear about money bringing to the table. Imagine where those hands have been before you shake them.

Coronavirus spreads through human contact. Well, eliminate human contact. Why do we need to even touch anyone? What is in it for us? Yes, some people consider it a form of greeting, or even showing affection. But such greeting can get us killed. Such affection can be deadly. Forget about all those sold- out face masks. Order gloves and a lot of them. There are way too many people trying to touch us, one way or another. We must be on guard, for our own good!

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