Disneyland announces California resident ticket offer


Alexa Mae Asperin | Contributed

Good news for all Disney fans that live in California!

Disney announced on Tuesday a special ticket offer for California residents only, allowing those eligible to visit Disneyland Resort this summer for as little as $83 per day with a 3-day, 1-park per day theme park ticket.

The special offer comes as the theme park celebrates its 100th anniversary this year, marking the special milestone with unique experiences, entertainment, and more.

Three-day, 1-park per day tickets start at $249 for admission Mondays through Thursdays, or as low as $299 ($100 per day) for admission any day – including weekends – for eligible guests.

The limited-time tickets are available for purchase beginning June 6, 2023, and California residents may redeem their tickets on any three eligible days from June 12 through Sept. 28, 2023, subject to park reservation availability.

Valid admission and park reservation for the same park on the same date are required for park entry.

Those interested in purchasing tickets can visit disneyland.com or by calling (866)572-7321.

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  1. OMG DESANTIS is going to be absolutely livid and simply broiling inside.

    He can’t control what private businesses do and that’ll definitely trigger him to no end.


    • Jim I’m a father of 2 young girls that want to go to Disneyland. It’s been years for me and now I’m understanding the characters and storyline is 60% brainwashing and shove it down your throat about being what you want to be alphabet crew I call it because there’s so many abbreviations for different identities Can a cow become a lion I ask ? NO so how can we convince our children you can be whatever your mind desires???? Tell me Jim ? I know Desantis has other issues with Disneyland but what are your thoughts? Do I have to worry about my girls walking out at the end of the day thinking? Confusion of their identity or remembering it’s a small world after all ?

  2. Someone made an error or is this a result of new math? “The special offer comes as the theme park celebrates its 100th anniversary this year, marking the special milestone with unique experiences, entertainment, and more.” The Disneyland opened its gates in 1955. That is well short of 100 years. I am an old man who is mathimatically challenged, but I am capable of a little research about addition and counting.

    • Disney started the Walt Disney Company in 1923, which led to his first cartoons. It’s not the theme park’s 100 year anniversary, it’s the Disney company that has its centennial. Fyi!

  3. In 1923, the Walt Disney Company, then known as Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio, was founded. In the almost 100 years since the company’s founding, it’s expanded to be a global empire with parks and resorts around the world, five cruise ships—with three more on the way—and a handful of movie studios under its umbrella.Feb 13, 2023

  4. That us still so unaffordable for a little of us seniors who want to take kids and grandkids! Doesn’t allow for anything else like food

  5. Well whoopee, oh my goodness, how generous! You are invited to pay for yours & families experience of perversion, deceit & confusion. Isn’t it nice they lowered the price. This isn’t for you, it’s for them!
    Still too pricey!👎👎👎👎👎

  6. What deceit? Perversion? You get more perversion in the churches like the Catholics knowing that they had priests assaulting young boys for years and just moving them to different areas where they’d have new boys to assault. There is no confusion unless you are ignorantly raising your family that you can pray the gay out of them.
    The parks have a lot of overhead each day with employees, utilities, etc…
    How much do you think they should be charging?


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