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The term “Dual Nationality” is being heard a lot frequently, but very few people know what it really means to have “Dual Nationality”. Through this informative note, we´ll gladly explain a brief background of Dual Nationality, as well as the profile of the ideal candidate. As the name implies, having “Dual Nationality” means enjoying multiple nationalities, but this term colloquially speaks about the combination of the American and Mexican nationality. In 1934 Mexican legislators reformed Article 30 of the Mexican Constitution, which granted the right to Mexican nationality to all those born abroad to Mexican father(s) (father, or mother, or both). It has evolved throughout time. Thanks to this great reform, many foreign-born countrymen have been able to obtain their Mexican nationality.

This is how people born in the United States to Mexican parents obtain the right, and great benefit, of enjoying their Dual Citizenship. Having Dual Nationality is a super benefit, which briefly explained allows you to inherit goods in Mexico without paying additional taxes, open companies in Mexico as a national, enter Mexico without having to pay tourist fees, acquire properties without any limitation, study in Mexico, obtain a Mexican passport, among others. We must remember that having Dual Nationality in this global world will always be a great benefit.

What Do You Need to Be a Candidate for Dual Nationality?

To obtain your Dual Nationality you only need to have at least 1 Mexican parent (father / mother) and have their information appear on your birth certificate. It’s that simple! Obviously there are more specifications imposed by the authorities when carrying out the procedure, but we assure you that having at least one Mexican parent gives you access to Mexican nationality.

We take advantage of this informative note to introduce ourselves with you. We are Doble Nacionalidad Express, a legal firm composed of Mexican lawyers and paralegals in the United States. We have been helping people from all states of the United States and Mexico (and the world) to obtain their Dual Nationality since 2019. We have helped people who did not even knew they could access their Mexican nationality, and even the thousands of “paisanos” who were unlucky in trying to do it on their own. We love to make things easier for you, literally, we do everything for you.

If you believe you are a candidate for Dual Nationality, or if you want to know if you are a candidate, or if you had problems trying to obtain your Dual Nationality on your own, please contact us. We can help you without problems. We guarantee the Dual Nationality of the perfect candidate in 3 weeks*. You can call us at (USA) 619 484 1831 or (MEX) 664 399 4463, at the mail doblenacionalidadexpress.com or on our website www.doblenacionalidadexpress.com.

Thank you for listening, we look forward to your message!

Lic. Aristeo Montaño S.

Founding Attorney

Doble Nacionalidad Express

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