Hearing Voices? That’s American Voices…


(Hearing Voices?)

Stanford’s “American Voices” Interview Program here in Hemet

The American Voices Project is coming to a community near you!

The American Voices Project is a fact-finding census launched by Stanford University and Princeton University that will interview 5,000 people in 200 communities across the country. We’re doing this to understand local successes and struggles, hopes and dreams, and ideas for improving our shared experiences in America. Through a random sampling of addresses, AVP interviewers will visit homes and ask residents to sit for in-depth, 2-3 hour conversations. Interviews are structured to put power in residents’ hands rather than that of the interviewer. They’ll cover topics like health, finances, neighborhood quality, and family history. The random address sampling is part of our effort to end up with a nationally representative set of powerful stories. Its scale will lead to new kinds of insights that can help us understand the economy in our region and how to make it work for everyone

We know your insights would be valuable as they work here in Hemet, and they would be very grateful for your time.

For more information, visit: americanvoicesproject.org.

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