Hemet sets its sites on solar


(Hemet sets its sites on solar)

A Proclamation of intent is signed by the Hemet Council

On Feb 11, the Hemet City Council announced and signed a Renewable Energy Proclamation. This, in essence. means that the Council has reviewed the data for the benefits of Solar/Wind energy and have decided to lean towards that goal in all future decisions regarding the city’s various forms of energy consumption .

The proclamation calls for realistic financial support for solar energy and a fair price for excess energy which would be exported from community schemes to the national grid. Avenues such as renewable heat incentivise communities generating their own district heating and would take a chunk out of the city’s overall electricity or gas bill.

Along with the proclamation, the city wisely read into the record some salient facts about Solar Energy; California ranks first in the nation for solar energy and 4th for wind power capacity, enough to power 8 million homes. California is home to 106 wind farms, 13 wind power-related manufacturing facilities, and 2,767 solar power-related companies.

Wind powers opportunity in communities and cities all across California, resulting in $87.5 million in state and local taxes. Wind and Solar have attracted nearly $15 billion dollars in investment.  That is crucial money for developing communities as well as providing 81,000 jobs statewide. Ultimately, the Council believes that win and solar will greatly enhance our ability to attract new talent, new business and new opportunities  in communities struggling with many Sacramento-driven directives which are hampering local growth.

The Council encourages everyone to learn more about the benefits of solar and wind energy, as well as to take pride in California’s frontrunner position in the push for renewable energy across the globe.

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