Letter to Editor – August 13, 2020


(Letter to Editor)

Online learning isn’t for everyone. But for many students, it’s a solution that works.

Growing up, the teachers I had in my brick-and-mortar school promoted me to a new grade in the middle of the school year. While I was challenged academically, I wasn’t prepared for the difficulties of being with a new class and the bullying I experienced. I reached a point where I felt my love for school was dying. That’s when I discovered online school.

At California Virtual Academies I pushed myself academically and excelled in my classes without being bullied by my peers. I devoted more time to volunteering and helping with my church, which is a big part of my life. I completed both 7th and 8th grade in one year and graduated a semester early from high school.

Since I graduated, I’ve traveled and lived abroad for several years. Prior to COVID-19, I was living in a European country where I learned Arabic and volunteered in refugee camps.

I’m thankful online school was the solution for me. It’s not the solution for every student’s needs. But, it might be just what you’re looking for and should be an option anyone can choose.

Caitlyn Keil

Homeland, CA

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