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Susan Beckett

I just finished reading Rusty Strait’s article, “Protector of Citizen Rights – A Flawed Institution.” Your article title is amazing considering your abortion topic. Citizen rights? Definitely not to our youngest and most vulnerable citizens! Your pro-abortion article was a rant, veiled in scare tactics and robed in untruths!

Yes – our Supreme Court may finally overturn Roe Vs. Wade. You wrote, “Who suffers most from this travesty? The poor, poorly educated and other minorities will return to back alleys and wire coat-hangers…” Come on, Rusty – this is 2022. Not much is going to change. In fact – the government is demanding that I, as a pro-life woman, even pay for those who want to take a life on demand.

Check out the article in The Chronicle on the front page of the “Politics” section. California has one of the nation’s most broad abortion policies on the books and, unfortunately, it looks like it will most likely remain this way. Calif even wants me to pay for the abortions of women who come here from out-of-state!

But here’s the real issue – in a day when birth control abounds – from the pill to condoms, etc. there is no reason women need to use abortion as birth control. Abortion is not birth control – it’s the intentional taking of a life in utero. And please stop telling me that this is a woman’s health issue! Health of who? As they say – when two people go into an abortion clinic only one comes out alive.

The largest abortion provider – Planned Parenthood – performs 40% of abortions in the US – they alone abort over 354,871 babies each year, bringing in a total income of $1.641 billion. With numbers like this, it’s hard to believe this is all about the welfare of women!

And please don’t be so ridiculous as to try and scare people into thinking that the pill is going to be outlawed, or same-sex marriage, or the return of slavery, etc., as you indicated in your article!! Give your readers the benefit of being smarter than to swallow these dark threats! And no – the “right” would not have us “all dressed in black shrouds,” as you also implied.

And just for an interesting side note – did you know that even the staff of Barack Obama, the most pro-abortion President in our times, recognized the unborn child as a separate human being. Pregnant women entering the White House for a tour were required to register their unborn children as separate visitors, with “Baby” as the first name, expected birth date, sex if known, and even “000-00-000” as their Social Security number!

Why don’t we just be real here, step up to the plate, and tell the whole truth when discussing these hot topic issues! We deserve less hysterics and better-grounded dialogue in these turbulent times!

Susan Beckett

Hemet, CA

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