Nine-year-old phenom shines on drums in “The Band Sebastian”


(Nine-years-old phenom shines)

He may be only nine years old and little more than 40 inches tall, but young Nick Aguirre has become the star attraction in his father Sebastian Aguirre’s trio that includes Sebastian and his cousin Jason.

The Band Sebastian is no run of the mill garage band making noise rather than music.  Sebastian Aguirre has a master’s degree in music from Cal State Fullerton and currently teaches music at Innovation High School in Lake Elsinore. Sebastian says both Jason and Nick are both exceptional percussionists.  Nick, has been playing with the group since September of 2018.

The proud father says, I pretty much sat him up with a drum set and he has been phenomenal.  He started out like a pro and has continued to develop.  I was intending to teach him the rudiments, paradiddles and drum rolls and discover to mine and everyone’s surprise that he could already play and had an acute sense of rhythm and beat.”

Sebastian and Jason have been playing together for several years but Nick has become the star.  “People come out to see him,” says Sebastian.  “I’ve never seen anything like it.”  He is not just pumping his chest with fatherly pride.  The kid is an astonishing musician.

The Aguirre’s recently moved from Orange County to San Jacinto.  “I have a new home,” says Sebastian, “but I still have some gigs all over Southern California…” Why the San Jacinto Valley?

“The weather, the nature and beautiful mountains around us.  I want to establish my family in this community.”

What kind of music does he feature:

“We are dance rock.  We love it.  We’ll play Mustang Sally and Carlo Santana.  Our sound is like Santa Ana’s.”

They also feature blues rock, Latin rock and dance rock.  “We try to move the crowd with two drummers.  I have a great heart for musicians and contribute to the community through my music.  I really want to help other musicians, especially young folks with a musical aptitude.  It excites me when I can be of assistance in someone’s musical education, especially the youth.  It has become a calling for me.”

(Nine-years-old phenom shines)

He has an affinity for jazz.  “Jason is a real jazz artist, specializing in Latin percussion.  We all seem to be intimately related to jazz.”

He comes by his love of music honestly.  “My mother is a composer of Mariachi music.  She’s been professionally produced.  She grew up in the sixties and seventies – loving the Rolling States and Credence Clearwater Revival.  So I was exposed to different genres of music.”

Young Nick has a voice of his own.  “A couple of days after we moved here my dad brought this really big drum set into the house and right after he seated me in front of them, I just started playing and by dad being one of the best teacher’s in the world, I was encouraged and just kept playing.”

Not in any way a braggart, he added, “There are many drummers better than me, but I’m getting there.  I play for people.”

The band has played at the House of Blues in Anaheim and San Diego.  Also in several Hollywood and North Hollywood clubs. They will be the headliners at The Derby in Hemet this Saturday Night along with two acts that include Mitchell Cortes, who plays acoustical guitar and sings An ambitious and anxious young man, wanting to get on with the interview, Nick raps drum sticks on the table.  “Okay dad, that’s enough.”  Talk about savvy!

The third group, Three Minutes of Playtime, I’ve reviewed   before and found them to be jazz oriented young men ranging in age from 15 to adult.  They are influenced by the sounds and styles of Ellington and Basie and much to everyone’s surprise Jack Teagarden a big band trombonist from the Swinging Years of the thirties and forties.

If you’re interested in an evening of music that sounds like music you might want to take this one in. Plus there is no cover charge – imagine a free concert.  Just sayin’


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