San Jacinto Teachers’ Association Supports Hemacinto Assistance League


(Hemacinto Assistance League)

San Jacinto, CA – It turned out to be more than a night of camaraderie and fun for the San Jacinto Teachers’ Association (SJTA) members at a November social event. They were able to raise $1,400 for one of their favorite causes–the Hemacinto Assistance League–by featuring a silent auction of gift baskets prepared by each school site.  There was also a poker tournament.

“We greatly appreciate the Assistance League’s, “Operation: School Bell” project each year, where they help clothe a little over 1,700 students in the San Jacinto Valley,” said SJTA President Darla Gordon, a teacher at Monte Vista Middle School. “Our membership really got into our fun event, which was a pleasant surprise, but we’ve always been known to be supportive of our community with donations,” President Gordon noted.

Hemacinto Assistance League President Kat Waters was very excited to receive the ‘big’ (and real) check from SJTA while working in the “Christmas Room” at their Thrift and Consignment Shop, 180 N. Girard Street in Hemet, CA.

“We really enjoy the ‘good chaos’ of hosting needy students at the local Walmart store, where we tell them to find $85 in clothing just for them–the looks on the children’s faces is priceless,” said President Waters. “We raise funds all year long, so please tell everyone to visit our ‘Christmas Room,’ she continued.  The Thrift and Consignment Shop, the “Christmas Room” is open Monday thru Saturday, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. As of December 17, all items in the room are half price until the room closes for the season.

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