San Jacinto Tigers are Ready For The Season


Game One Next Week at Great Oaks

(San Jacinto Tigers) It was a pleasure this summer being a part of the San Jacinto Tigers training camp. From the very beginning, Coach Galliano and his staff welcomed me with open arms and made me feel as if I was a part of his coaching staff. Every single one of his players showed me the utmost respect at all times. I applaud Coach G and his staff on how they are bringing these players up into the system. Not only are they taught how to become better football players, but meaningful members of the community as well. I created a bond with quite a few players who I got to know during my time covering the program. The Summer Camp ended last Friday Aug.9th with a scrimmage just two days after school started. This week players had to start adjusting to the life of a fulltime student and varsity athlete, which at times can be difficult to manage.

San Jacinto’s first game is next Friday against Great Oak High School in Temecula. Great Oak is renowned around Southern California for having the best Student-Body Fan Base around. They sell out their bleachers and are constantly cheering on their team, almost like European Soccer Fans. This will be a huge test for San Jacinto High School entering week one of the season. Throughout talking to the players this summer they all had the same goal, “to get back to that championship game.” a lot of them are hoping to matchup against Culver City (who beat them in the championship game last year 61-21) if this matchup is destined to happen it will have to be in the playoffs. Last year the Tigers jumped ahead to a 0-14 lead and the game was tied 21-21 at half time. It was all downhill for them after that. 

The Tigers are coming back poised this year with an extra training camp under their belt and a year older. Just look at the Quarterback Kajiya Hollowayne. He is bigger, faster, and stronger than he was last season. I expect Kajiya to have a dominant season this year and show the rest of the Mountain Pass League his elite skill set. He isn’t the only player on San Jacinto’s roster who is making a return this season, Running Back Juan Denny (who had 133 rushing yards against culver city) is coming in his Senior year and wants to leave his imprint on the campus. Wide Receiver Damonce Williams who was quiet at the Culver City game is ready to show off his hands and wants to be one of Kajiya’s go-to receivers this year. Damonce has excellent hands and shows great potential in being a real possession threat this year. 

The defense is returning quite a few starters Sheldon Newton, Nathan Ortiz, and Kameron Rocha are all back. Sheldon & Nathan are both entering their Junior year while Kameron is going into his senior season. For Kameron, this is his last chance to leave a legacy at the school before taking his talents to the next level. Kameron is hoping to have an impactful season and earn some attention from college scouts. 

San Jacinto’s first home game of the season comes on September 6th against Murrieta Mesa. Be sure to show up there and support the team as they look to bring a CIF Championship home to San Jacinto.

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