Should we be asking ourselves if we’re racist’s


At this juncture of our illustrious history as the greatest country on the planet earth, resulting from the amalgamation of multitudes of immigrants of all backgrounds and colors contributing their talents, creativity and hard work, since the very birth of our country, should we ask ourselves the hard question: are we a country of racist’s? 

Should we ask ourselves if we really needed an enabler filled with hate speech to elicit our true feelings of racism, or is it as some opine an intrinsic character flaw we bring into this world upon taking our first breath?

Are we sufficiently and sincerely enraged to witness the shootings of innocent bystanders, regardless of age or gender for any reason, but especially when the motive is a matter of race? Do we feel in our hearts genuine compassion for those who have fallen at the hands of a deranged person and for their friends and relatives?

These questions are worthy of serious contemplation and public commentary because our survival as a civilized country depends on the answers.  We are embarked now more than ever upon a slippery slope of self- destruction. 

Are we to leave to our children and grandchildren a country in racial strife or a legacy of peace and harmony? Will we be able to step up to the question of providing the same opportunities to everyone?

In the past several decades, we have witnessed destructive race confrontations that have never been forgiven nor forgotten.  Property and lives were lost and resentment endures in those individuals that were directly and indirectly affected.  

As a country, we are in dire need of professional counseling in the form of a nationwide program designed, managed and financed by academia, the clergy, private business and government to address our deep-rooted race issues.  A plan that will first turn our attention to the need of accepting our racial intolerance before we can move forward towards healing.

Never before since the Civil War has this nation’s unity been challenged with such urgency from within that only powerful leadership can eliminate.

Racism in all its forms, whether it’s out in the open or cleverly disguised is a decease that is eating away at the vitals of America as this article is being written.  

In the wake of the recent mass killings in El Paso, Texas, Wikipedia writes: “On August 3, 2019, a domestic terrorist attack/mass shooting occurred at a Walmart store in El Paso, Texas, killing 22 people and injuring 24 others. The attack was allegedly carried out by Patrick Crusius, who wrote a manifesto titled The Inconvenient Truth and posted it on 8chan where he cited a supposed “Hispanic invasion of Texas” and “simply trying to defend my country from ethnic and cultural replacement brought on by an invasion” as motivations, as well as praising Australia-born terrorist Brenton Harrison Tarrant the perpetrator of the Christchurch, New Zealand mosque shootings and read his manifesto The Great Replacement.” 

America is wounded and divided, behooving us all to stand up and do battle against this lethal domestic enemy.  Say no to racism.


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