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Trump says he’ll replenish stockpile for future pandemics

President Donald Trump said Thursday that he intends to prepare for future pandemics by replenishing the national stockpile and bringing manufacturing of critical supplies and equipment back to the U.S

Supreme Court appears likely to reject Trump immunity claim

The Supreme Court on Tuesday appeared likely to reject President Donald Trump’s claim that he is immune from criminal investigation while in office. But the court seemed less clear about exactly how to handle subpoenas
Trump threatens to deport millions beginning next week

Trump faces virus at White House amid push to ‘reopen’ US

As he encourages the country to “reopen,” President Donald Trump is confronting cases of the coronavirus in the White House itself, spotlighting the challenge he faces in instilling confidence in a nation still reeling from the pandemic.

Trump tours, touts mask factory — but no mask for him

Making himself Exhibit A for reopening the country, President Donald Trump visited an Arizona face mask factory Tuesday, using the trip to demonstrate his determination to see an easing of stay-at-home orders even as the coronavirus
California mulls adopting portions of despised Trump tax law

Trump pushes economy reopening, says virus could kill 100K

Pushing to reopen the economy, President Donald Trump insists that states can gradually lift lockdowns and still protect people from the coronavirus pandemic, even as he’s also suggesting U.S. deaths could reach 100,000.

Trump to sign order keeping meat processing plants open

President Donald Trump will sign an executive order Tuesday meant to stave off a shortage of chicken, pork and other meat
California mulls adopting portions of despised Trump tax law

Out to regain footing, Trump shifts virus focus to economy

The White House readied new guidelines Monday on coronavirus testing and reopening businesses as President Donald Trump

Trump’s focus on his base complicates path to reelection

During times of war and strife, national leaders often aim to unite a broken country and, in the process, broaden their appeal
Trump threatens to deport millions beginning next week

Doctors struggle to stay true to science but not cross Trump

It’s becoming a kind of daily ritual: President Donald Trump and a phalanx of doctors file into the White House briefing

Trump signs $484 billion measure to aid employers, hospitals

President Donald Trump signed a $484 billion bill Friday to aid employers and hospitals under stress from the coronavirus pandemic