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FROM THE RIGHT…We are always leased to hear the conservative voice from Robin Lowe, former mayor of Hemet

The California Congress of Republicans is celebrating its 30th year as a mainstream conservative, grassroots volunteer organization and is an officially chartered part of the California Republican Party (CRP).

I’m so pleased and proud to announce that Tom Wilson was installed as CCR Hemet-San Jacinto chapter President at the installation event at the Elks on December 9.

We were doubly blessed as new San Jacinto mayor Andrew Kotyuk made an appearance.  Andrew announced that he will be taking on Chad Mayes who has defected form the Republican Party to “No Political Party (NPP)” in the election for Assemblyman of the 42nd District. 

Please see Rusty Strait’s interview with Mayor Kotyuk elsewhere in this issue.  

This 42nd district race may be seen as somewhat unimportant, as California is decidedly “blue,” but this is not the case.  Liberty, Freedom and the right of people to defend the lives of the most vulnerable among us-unborn babies…the right of people to keep what they work for and to have the right to choose how, when and why that money is spent is at stake in every single local election, every statehouse, and yes, even in the Whitehouse itself.

If you believe that true freedom is freedom from an ever-intrusive Government and that men and women were not born to serve government, but to serve each other, there’s only one party for you, and that’s the Republican Party.

We at the CCR stand ready to serve and inform you.  We can be contacted at

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