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George Grogan is a well-versed in UFO and Space Travelers to the world and especially the United States.  His had early feelings when only a child but pushed them out of his mind until an experience turned his life study into learning more about this strange phenomenon that is pretty much on most folks’ minds but for one reason or the other to not bring their beliefs and suspicion\ns to the forefront.  George was among them. He relates his experiences. “I was working at KTLA Channel 5 television station in Los Angeles in 1969.

While driving along Interstate 101 on my way to work suddenly, there appeared a golden globe in the sky almost tracking me as I drove along. When I got to work, I approached one of our engineers and asked him if he saw that golden orb in the sky.” He quickly rebounded, “What was that?” “That was my first point of serious interest in the unknown.  I loved to research, and now I had found something that warranted serious investigation.”

“From the beginning, I was amazed at how many engineers at the station were into space curiosity. Little by little, I was getting educated. I read books and learning how to research the subject. “One day I was home alone, my wife was at the beach with a girlfriend, and something extraordinary happened to me. Almost like a download and impulse said I was supposed to teach a new standard for people and that we shouldn’t 200 religions and that there is only one universal \law.  I was overwhelmed by the feeling.

That urged me further, and by happenstance two older friends asked me to drive them to Julian just outside San Francisco. “While there we went to see a psychic. Somewhere during the session, I asked if I could ask one question, and she nodded to go ahead. I told her that I had been receiving information that I didn’t quite understand, and she clarifies what it meant. By the time I finished asking, she seemed to go into a trance. She suddenly blurted out, ‘Teach!” That was the only word she uttered.

“Then she woke up and asked what happened.  She had no idea what she had said or what it meant.”

“At an event at the National Press Club in 2013 regarding all the mysterious things going on in our skies – the abductions and UFO visits that were captured in a video describing Navy and Air Force first had experience with such things.  I soon discovered that all the things happening to me were not my imagination but very real.” In his research, he found a psychiatrist at the Harvard Psychiatric School was introduced to a man named Bud Hopkins in New York who does regressions on space abductions. These two men got together and compared notes, and both agreed that others are visiting us from space, and they are among us today. Dr. Mack, during a speaking visit in England on a tour of speaking visits, was killed in a tragic accident.  Many believe he was eradicated because of his involvement in outer space research and research into people who were being abducted and being tested aboard UFOs.

 “I soon realized the event in 2013 gave me my destiny to follow through in spreading the word.

The Air Force and Navy video” The Nimitz Encounters’ being revealed to me that I had no choice but to keep up my mission., which brought me to Hemet where I made an effort to contact a number of local churches who were not interested until by a miracle I made contact with the Reverend Rhonda at the Science of Life church, and she accepted me with open arms because she believes all  things are possible.” To further solidify his belief he discovered Dr. Steven Greer, a medical doctor from the South Carolina Medical Center who gave up his practice after being aboard UFOs and learning what they are trying to stop us from killing one, another, and to stop us from destroying our planet. Pastor Rhonda told me why she accepted his presentation. “We are an open-minded congregation and believe people are capable of always doing the right thing.”

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