What are you voting for?


Democrats of Hemet San-Jacinto

It is so easy to get into the mindset of voting against someone or something. For many Americans, watching the shenanigans of Donald Trump, his demeaning of women, of veterans, his constant lying, his name calling, it is easy to make a choice to vote against Donald Trump. But let’s look at the other side of the coin. Here is a partial list of the things that you can vote for in this election.

Addressing climate change

Clean water and air

A tax structure that favors the lower and middle class instead of the wealthy

Affordable health care for everyone

A effective response to the Covid-19 epidemic

Equality opportunity and justice for all people

Fixing the problems with our infrastructure

Establishing a living wage for all workers

Improving a broken educational system

A fair and accessible voting system

Restoring our leadership around the world

Reestablishing a climate of cooperation, of compromise in Washington

A vote against Donald Trump is the same as a vote for all of the above. It will accomplish the same thing. It is a vote for our country moving forward, a vote for the future not just of our country but for our very democracy. Be positive. Vote for an improved future, not just overcoming the mistakes of the past four years. Vote for the candidate who shows empathy. Vote for the candidate who shows compassion. Vote for the candidate who has proven his ability to get us through a moment of crisis. Above all, just vote. Let your voice be heard. Earn your right to complain. Let the world know what the will of the people is. America needs your vote.

Dick Gale

President of Democrats of Hemet-San Jacinto

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