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After reading with great interest the Things to do Calendar published and updated weekly in the Hemet / San Jacinto Chronicle, I have come to the conclusion that the San Jacinto Valley is indeed fortunate to have so many people interested in fostering a wide variety of cultural activities and events in our communities. These committed citizens volunteer their time and resources to promoting events in the plastic and performing arts, music, theatre, film, etc.

I believe a listing is in order of some of the organizations that are dedicated to making life easier and kinder for all who will access their offerings.

Diamond Valley Arts Council: Taken from their internet home page, “since its founding in 2004, “Advancing the Arts – Creating Community” has been the motto of The Diamond Valley Arts Council. With The DVAC’s move into a new facility at 123 N. Harvard St. in downtown Hemet, the implications of that ideal has taken on even greater significance for both the arts and for the community. As an organization dedicated to promoting awareness of, and greater participation in, the arts, locating in downtown Hemet opens the door for greater visibility of what The DVAC is, what we do and what is available to our community in terms of arts and culture activities, events and venues.

Western Science Center declares in their mission statement to “Discover the Past, Explore the Present, and Promote a Sustainable Future,” adding that “The tripartite mission of the Western Science Center is to advance knowledge of the region’s natural history and cultural heritage, with an emphasis on the importance of water to life in the context of environmental change over time; convey to students and the general public an appreciation of science and mathematics as essential for understanding the natural world, human cultures, and how the two interact; and play a leading role in meeting the challenge to build a sustainable future for people and their environments in California and beyond.

Historic Hemet Theatre expresses in their web page that “The Historic Hemet Theatre is a Community Arts Center located in the center of the Historic Downtown District of Hemet, California. The mission of the Valley View Foundation (aka Historic Hemet Theatre Foundation) is to improve the quality of life in the valley community through 1) historic preservation of the Historic Hemet Theatre (one of the oldest in the nation); 2) cultural enrichment through performing arts and educational programming; and 3) economic revitalization of Hemet’s historic downtown district. Hosted events include concerts, films, live theatre and educational programs on topics of interest to residents of the valley and the surrounding communities.”

Ramona Hillside Players expresses that the mission of the Ramona Hillside Players is to promote quality entertainment offering creative live theatre productions; providing a cradle for community theatre in our valley; offering opportunities for growth to actors and directors while preserving our dramatic and comedic heritage and providing mutually satisfying theatre experiences for our members and our audiences.

Ramona Bowl Amphitheatre “is a community non-profit organization. Its purpose is to ensure the annual presentation of the California Historic Outdoor Pageant, Ramona, contribute to tourism and continuing educational programs that promote the arts, California history, national humanity efforts, and native American history with quality outdoor theater entertainment.”

The above are only a few of many venues where the residents of the San Jacinto Valley and beyond can avail themselves of first quality cultural entertainment for little or no cost. I invite all readers of the Hemet San Jacinto Chronicle to stay informed through the “Things to do Calendar” of multiple events designed for all tastes and budgets.

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