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(State of the City)

Today the City of San Jacinto will present the State of the City held at the Soboba Casino Resort Center. Mayor Russ Utz will give his first address since taking a seat on Council in 2016. This year has marked many milestones for the City. Energy and excitement on the many positive directions will surely be felt. 

San Jacinto Power celebrated a 1-year anniversary. After launching in April 2018, it has saved City taxpayers millions. In 2016, I had the pleasure of evolving the concept into action as the City and residents entered into an agreement to form the organization. Since its start, several cities and the County have striven to join, following San Jacinto’s lead. Benefits from this new organization owned by the residents provide lower rates by at least 3% a year and higher buyback rates on solar panel excess productivity. In addition, the program provides an additional revenue stream to the City.

Over the last 12 months, there has also been a change in choices of retail. Aldi’s opened, Starbuck’s on San Jacinto Avenue is operating and the Mason Jar debuted. Sonic and Weinerschnitzel are moving to development. On a larger scale, several retail centers were approved and are working their way to construction. Not in the City but closely partnered, the new Soboba Casino Resort celebrated their Grand Opening. San Jacinto is once again attracting jobs and investments.  

Our City is transforming in several ways that provide more quality in the way we live. Paving of San Jacinto Avenue and Esplanade Avenue is the most obvious. Grants awarded allowed sidewalks to be constructed and repaired, and bike lanes to be added to the City’s trail corridors. If you come to City Hall, see Public Works around the City, attend the 4th of July Parade and Celebration or made it to Kool August Nights, you will notice a higher level of customer care, support and a down to earth community feel. Starting with our City Manager, Rob Johnson, the San Jacinto team is on the move and attracting creative, talented and focused team members from around the County. 

I would be amiss not to mention the new housing being built around the City. Our quality builders have been busy constructing new state of the art homes with modern amenities. San Jacinto recently became the 3rd fastest growing City in Riverside County. Our hometown is attracting quality residents from San Diego, Orange and L.A. Many good families are proud to call this City and Valley home. 

Proud doesn’t describe the feelings I have to see my City change. The dominoes are just starting to fall.  With the right team representing the City, with new home construction and population increasing, and as developers build restaurants and retail stores based on the increased population, we are just at the tip of an iceberg. There is more to come and now you understand our hashtag #GoSanJacinto. 

If you have questions on a particular company or investment and would like our feedback, contact us at my email below. Our team will research and respond to you with our recommendation and opinion.   

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