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With the California Primary coming up quickly, here are some candidates to consider:

EDISON GOMEZ-KRAUSS is running for 3rd district Supervisor in Riverside County.

He’s an ESL teacher from Anza with a bachelor’s in Gastronomy. Edison is a first-generation Mexican-American born in Southern California. His experience includes working with international organizations on both sides of the US-Mexico border as an interpreter, community organizer and animal rights advocate. Edison served on the Anza Valley Municipal Advisory Council and is a founding member of the High Country Growers Association.

Key issues:

• Expanding education opportunities

• Equitable distribution of resources and services to rural communities

• Low barriers to entry for farmers and small business

• Addressing homelessness with compassion, focusing on mental health and life skills.


DENIANTIONETTE MAZINGO is running for 42nd Assembly District of the California State Assembly. Deni is a resident of Hemet

“We need a strong voice in the 42nd District that works for the entire district and will push for every resident on either side of the mountain. As State Assemblywoman, I will be the voice for people of color and those without a voice. I will be the voice for seniors living in the streets, for single mothers struggling to care for their children, and for veterans struggling to survive in a country, they bravely defended. I am running to bring programs to the most vulnerable among us, to ensure affordable housing, to create competitive jobs, and to ensure a great quality of life for our community”. Deni has been endorsed by the California League of Conservation Voters, the California Legislative Black Caucus, California Nurses Association, California Women’s List and many other organizations and individuals. See her many endorsements for office at https://www.denimazingo.com

KRIS GOODFELLOW is running for the 23rd Senatorial District of California.

Kris Goodfellow is an Inland Empire resident, mom, wife and small business owner (technology). She spent 25 years as a journalist, including at the New York Times. Her in-depth understanding of local, state and national issues coupled with her ability to build collaboration and culture makes her a skilled leader. She has a degree from Northwestern University.

Her priorities are the environment, the economy and education. She is pro-choice, pro-LGBTQIA equity, pro-small business and fiscally responsible.

“As your next state senator, I will fight for strategic investment in California’s education system, the creation of good-paying clean energy jobs, and access to healthcare for everyone in our community.” “Building the middle class will benefit all of California and reduce homelessness and hopelessness. Right now, when workers don’t make enough to take care of themselves, it means that a portion of everyone else’s taxes goes to pay for food, housing and other support services to make the difference. Let’s end the corporate welfare”. Kris has been endorsed by the California Teachers Association, Service Employees International Union, California Nurses Association and many local individuals and organizations.

RAUL RUIZ is running for re-election in the 36th Congressional District.

U.S. Representative Raul Ruiz, M.D., grew up in the community of Coachella, California, where both of his parents were farmworkers. Dr. Ruiz achieved his lifelong dream of becoming a physician through public education. After graduating from Coachella Valley High School, Dr. Ruiz graduated magna cum laude from UCLA. He went on to Harvard University, where he earned his Medical Degree, as well as a Masters of Public Policy from the Kennedy School of Government and a Masters of Public Health from the School of Public Health, becoming the first Latino to earn three graduate degrees from Harvard University. He served as an emergency room doctor at Eisenhower Hospital. He understands health care issues and will represent us well when congress debates health care in the coming year. He is working aggressively with his colleagues on both sides of the aisle to end the VA benefits backlog, expand and improve access to health care for veterans in the 36th District, improve educational and job opportunities for heroes returning home, and combat veterans’ homelessness. He has always stood up for our seniors and will protect Medicare and Social Security. We have an obligation to take care of our seniors and ensure they receive the benefits they have earned and planned on in their golden years. These critical programs are commitments we have made to retirees, and he will oppose any effort from either political party that would cut these hard-earned benefits.

JUDY RICE is running to be a member of the County Committee from the 42nd Assembly District.

The County Committee manages the Riverside County Democratic Party. “I’m asking for your vote to sit on the Central Committee to represent AD 42’s interests/concerns, more especially the needs of the San Jacinto Valley. At present, there is no representation on Central Committee for this valley. I’d like to correct that deficiency. Currently, I work with our local Democratic Clubs and staff our local office. The Riverside Democratic Party Central Committee provides a vehicle for the state party to interact with registered Democrats in Riverside County. In turn, local Democrats inform the state party of local issues. Central Committees provide the structure to keep the body politic upright”.

Dick Gale
President of the Democrats of Hemet – San Jacinto

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