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A week ago in his column entitled “Erasing History,” Justin Collins quite rightly chided the local Republicans for not having a telephone number available for those who have questions. Let me say that we, as Hemet San Jacinto Republicans, agree with him and, at our last board meeting, took action on this. We apologize for any inconvenience that has been caused for those like Mr. Collins and we will be making that number available to the general public.

Next to Justin Collins’ well-written article was an article by local Democrat Dick Gale entitled “Enjoy The Coffee.” In his article he lists at least eight areas in need of improvement. His list includes hunger, homelessness, living wage, clean air and water, a protected environment, discrimination, quality education, and quality healthcare. He infers in his article that all of these areas could be improved starting in the next election cycle, if someone from his party takes over the White House. Would it be rude of me to point out that the current House Speaker, Democrat Nancy Pelosi, has been in congress since 1987. And, that the Democrat nominee for president, Joe Biden, has already served in the senate since 1973. Are we to believe that Mr. Biden will suddenly come up with solutions to problems that he has not been able to resolve over the past forty years that he has been in office?

Republicans are also concerned about all of the issues that Mr. Gale lists but let me take hunger from the list as an example of how Republican solutions differ from Democrat solutions.

Democrats would propose a federal government program to address hunger. Republicans equally oppose hunger and would join with the Democrats in charitable efforts aimed at taking care of the immediate need of any person. We agree, for example, that no child should go to bed hungry. However, Republicans would be extremely cautious about starting another federal government program which will inevitably lead to more costly bureaucracy and the possibility for years of dependency by the recipients. They would instead try to create a business friendly environment leading to employment opportunities through which all able-bodied individuals can be gainfully employed thus allowing them to have self-pride and hope for the future as they provide for their own needs and those of their families.

None of us oppose charity and giving a helping hand to those in need, but, let us remember that there is a vast difference between a hand out and a hand up. A handout can create dependency while a hand up is true charity where individuals who are on their feet reach out to those in need and help them to also get on their feet. This kind of action where neighbor helps neighbor leads to a better society for all of us.

-Dale Dieleman

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