My City Youth Center builds character through community


There is a safe place for at-risk youth,. A place in Hemet where a kid can be a kid and gain a crucial part of their development: youth engagement in meaningful activities that build character, and help prepare a child for a fruitful life. There’s a place humbly and unassumingly tucked away, where, upon entering its doorway, you feel a sense of creative inspiration, and a sense of community. The place is called My City Youth Center (MCYC).

“I’ve had the vision to see a place where kids could go. A safe place where they could go to learn, get creative, and have fun – and just be kids,” says Executive Director, Dan Harris.

The My City Youth Center, located at 145 N Tahquitz Ave, in Hemet, has been fostering the development of kids through their community-based, non-profit program, which offers after-school classes and activities that inspire and help direct disadvantaged youth.

“These are children that don’t have a father, children that aren’t eating all their meals. These are children that are doing poorly in school; they’re at risk; they’re impoverished.”

MCYC helps youths build a lifetime foundation through classes that intertwine learning with fun, and lots of love. Erika London, Community Relations, says, “Our goal is to create the reality that these kids can be good citizens . . . good community members, and attain good careers.”

It’s a strongly held belief at MCYC that it takes a community to sustain a community. The program receives help through the generosity of everyday folks who give their time through volunteer work and also provide donations that help the program feed their students. A teen parent program also helps provide teen moms with everything from baby supplies, to parenting classes.

Fun is mandatory at MCYC. A quick glance at the schedule and you’ll see dance classes: hip-hop, folk, tap and ballet; various art exploration classes; robotics, reading and tutoring – there’s even a martial arts class and a skate park! All these activities help youth connect with themselves and with their peers . . . and with their community. In essence MCYC helps kids feel a part of something bigger than themselves, and it makes our world a better place.

Every Tuesday from 8am to 11:30am the public is welcome to My City Café at MCYC location for free coffee and donuts, and for raffles, auctions, and random acts of kindness.

For more information on MCYC, events, enrollment, or how to donate your time and service to the program, please visit

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