People Coming Together to Make a Difference for those in Need


(People Coming Together)

During the course of a given year, there are always groups of generous individuals providing support to those in need. At this time of year especially, these magnanimous people redouble their efforts that bring to life the true meaning of giving. When times are hard, the humanitarian side in many of our citizens is manifested in behaviors of good will and giving freely. Some of these observances only take time, that is cheerfully volunteered, but many others require financial support.

Happily, individuals set on achieving more ambitious objectives will always find a way to accomplish them by partnering with friends or groups with similar purposes.

December, it seems, gives us pause to evaluate our lives and think about others: some of us have had good fortune for which we give thanks to our maker. We have a good steady paying job, with possibilities of future growth, we own our home, our children are healthy and progressing in school, we have three meals a day, and we are sure that tomorrow there will be food on the table. Others however, have fallen on hard times and despair–lost jobs, lost dear ones, homes, and ill health. Thankfully we’re not alone, and we can rest assured that there is help available.

The task of helping those in need is enormous, always requiring the enlistment of countless volunteers willing to perform the hard work of lifting, transporting and serving. Food banks should be noted especially for their charitable work all year around, providing good food to the elderly, the homeless, single mothers and others in need. Veteran’s organizations, churches, social clubs, and private business also reach out to people who need relief by freely donating their time and resources.

Luckily, our community, like many cities in America is blessed with charitable people who individually or collectively work throughout the year to help the less fortunate among us. These entities are well established with the required organization capable of assisting those in need on a permanent basis while others, equally important, join in during the Christmas season. We give them thanks for all the good work and express our best wishes for continued success.

Amid melodious carols, Christmas trees with their beautiful and attractive decorations and lights, colorfully wrapped presents, splendid Christmas dinners, and happy children opening their gifts, let us be reminded of those not so fortunate who, through no fault of their own, need our support.

Enjoy a happy and safe Christmas.

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