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(State-2-State Skate off)

With National Skate Month coming  October it seems only proper that Hemet, with its enthusiastic skating community, should host this year’s National Skate-Off tournament which will bring more than a hundred skill blades to the San Jacinto Valley and our local rink, The Wheelhouse.

The two day event runs from Friday evening through Saturday and features such stars as Adina Howard who can do thinks on a rink floor that would put any hockey star to shame.  Along with her will be DJs Big Bert Lopez, Mike Smoove, Teezie and D Slyde.

The main event starts promptly at midnight Friday Night with a standout performance by Ronnie Vines.  Music, skating contests, and 50/50 drawings plus much more and surprises with something for everyone. Everyone enjoys a good show, and for an adult event, there is nothing so fare as a National Skate tournament.  Judging with being in four categories:

  Best Couple

  Best Male

  Best Female\

  Best OG Skater 45 +

Blade and roller skating has made a remarkable comeback in recent years as more and more skaters are hitting the rinks.  Some had yearnings for their youth when skating was the top individual sport, especially in small towns around the country. More and older adults are taking to the rinks for the first time seeking exercise or just anxious to get out of the house.  This is the kind of event that suits their purposes because skating has proven to be a sport that anyone will enjoy for fun and health benefits. There will be plenty of food and drink available

Not everyone is a musician, for instance, but we all love music.  Same with the rink. Skate to Skate director Dulischa Horn of the State to State believes this will be one of the biggest events on wheels of the year.  Skaters will be arriving from all over the United States – New York, Atlanta, Chicago, New Orleans, Little Rock and beyond. In fact, the Hampton Suites has set aside 102 rooms for the two-day shindig.  Some business conventions don’t draw that kind of interest. Imagine our valley was specifically chosen. Might wake some folks up to realize our average ages these days is 38 and not just a retirement community.  Drive down Florida Avenue, and one can almost hear the activity buzzing. We are now a reborn young valley.

If you are tired of movies that depict so much violence and blood, this may be the very thing you’ve been looking for. Just sayin’

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LOCATION:   The Wheelhouse Skate Palace, 2860 W. Florida Avenue (next to the bowling alley) Hemet 92545. Friday 9/13 10 PM and Saturday until whenever.

ADMISSION:  $17 PRE-SALE; $20 AT THE DOOR. Age: 18 and over – tight security

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