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From the Right-Robin Lowe

As the year closes, I feel that I must tie up several loose ends, and I find that these loose ends not only stretch all the way to Washington, but back to our own cities as well. 

The new year marks a new beginning as well, and with it, we are blessed to have a new mayor, Mayor Russ Brown in Hemet, and a new mayor in San Jacinto, Mayor Andrew Kotyuk. We were blessed several years ago with a new president and yet, disparate, divisive voices sought to divide our country instead of unite it.  I find, unfortunately, the same thing happening here at home in our own cities of San Jacinto and Hemet.

Those who market conspiracy theories both in Washington and here at home must be taken to task and their thinly-veiled accusations must be given the light of day. 

As the old bromide goes: sunlight is the best disinfectant.

Nationally, we have seen almost 3 full years of nothing but: innuendo, out right lies and millions of dollars wasted. Locally, we have seen innuendo and accusation with not even the flimsiest amount of evidence given. This must stop. 

There is a reason that Lincoln’s battle cry of “a house divided against itself cannot stand,” is still quoted today. When our city and our nation is being attacked from within, it makes no sense to quarrel among amongst ourselves: we must stand together to forge a new, positive and open future.

To do anything less is to invite more of the same lies, waste and insurrection from within…and is tantamount to straightening out deck chairs on the Titanic.

We must rally around our new mayors as we must rally around our president, sure in our adherence to the constitution and to the rule of law.  We must not sit idly by while elected officials waste time and money with useless, baseless accusations designed to do nothing but divide our cities and our country.

If we are unhappy with the state of our country or our local governments, the answer is not to pervert the law as is so obviously being done on national level.  Neither is the answer to mouth accusations without any real evidence.  We must instead use our laws and conventions in the most positive and productive ways possible.

Let us take this unprecedented opportunity to move our cities and our nation forward.

As we have seen with the passing of both Phil Brigandi and Steve Covington…our hold on life…is just as is our hold on freedom: so tenuous, that we must guard, protect, defend and cherish these things at all costs: wasteful, hateful divisive, partisan politics and rumor-mongering isn’t the answer: unity is.

We must bring back the days when the losers in a political battle come together to unite for the good of the city…and the nation: not spy on, defame or plot against those who won…especially those of the same party.

I wish you a very Merry Christmas, and pass on my hope that, with the new year, comes a spirit of renewed healing for our cities and our nation.

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