Two different types of hospital visits take me to Hemet Global in back-to-back weeks


(Two different types of hospital)

“I wouldn’t hesitate to take my most-pressing health issues to Hemet Hospital”

There are some health issues we know we can deal with because we see them coming: such was the case with my hernia surgery.

An excellent surgeon, Dr. Daniel Igwe of Apex surgery here in Hemet (and Menifee) had fully prepped me and had thoroughly explained the entire procedure.

From my pre-surgical visit to my discharge, everything went as smoothly as possible at Hemet Global Medical Center.  The same-day surgical staff, headed by Cinda (to protect the staff only first names will be used) handled all concerns with ease. Before I knew it, Dr. Igwe was ready…and the anesthesia took effect.

After what seemed like only minutes, I was in my room on the fifth floor, room 532. My day nurse Ronnie, and my night nurse Cynthia were true professionals: we discussed my concerns, talked about our families and bonded, as true professionals do with their patients. I had wonderful conversations with everyone on the staff including dear Euclin one of the Nurses Aides.

I left 2 days later feeling completely confident with the convalescent process in the coming days.

Some health concerns we definitely do not see coming: such was the issue when my puppy and I (a wonderful Cairn Terrier mix from the Ramona Animal Shelter) were attacked by an unleashed German Shepherd. See that story elsewhere in this issue.

One moment I was convalescing, slowly walking my dog, and the next minute, there was terror and blood everywhere.

I was bitten twice, injured my healing gut, and badly hurt my left shoulder. Off to the ER it was. The thought of a series of rabies shots scared me more than my gut or shoulder.

The ER stay was aided greatly by a system I’ve never seen before although I’ve worked in two inner-city hospitals: every so often someone would come out and perform a bit of what’s called “triage.” Triage is the process of determining the priority of patients’ treatments based on the severity of their condition.

Every other ER visit I’ve had to endure consisted of waiting hours…and hours…hours, regardless of condition, before I saw anyone. At Hemet Global, within 45 minutes I had my shoulder x-rayed, then was directed back to my seat in the waiting room. Within the next hour, I was given a pain-killer and once again directed back to the waiting room. It was a sort of “floating triage” meant to save time and aggravation, and it works!  Within the next hour Lorilea, my Nurse Practitioner advised me that I wouldn’t need rabies shots (bless her!), and advised me that nothing had shown up on my x-ray but that I should address the pain with my Primary Care Doctor.

Three hours in and out on a busy, busy afternoon.

Two different types of hospital visits in as many weeks have given me complete confidence in our local hospital.

I have several very serious health issues, and I wouldn’t hesitate to take my most-pressing health issues to Hemet Global Medical Center.

Much much thanks to the entire staff!

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