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I managed to catch San Jacinto Mayor Andrew Kotyuk during a recess from his campaigning for the 42nd Assembly District seat and he brought me up to date about how the City is coping with all the aspects of COVID-19 and how it is being handled in his City. “First of all, we have created a web site. Just go to the City of San Jacinto on your phone or computer and punch in the COVID site. All of our current handling of the virus situation will be listed there and updated daily.” The City has closed down all community centers.

“We are also issuing meals for seniors and shut-ins in five meal packs. They can be picked up by them or can send someone else to pick them up.” The Mayor says that anyone can contact the city hall by phone, internet or mail and that seniors also may e-mail the City for any necessary assistance. He went on further, “It is our intent to make our city services as available as possible.” Additionally, the Riverside Transit Authority has agreed to expand its Dial-a-Ride for medicals, groceries and to accommodate neighbors in a group.

“We have declared an emergency situation for the present time. That will be the case until the proper authorities advise us that it is safe to do otherwise.” The Mayor has also requested funding and medical assistance from Congress, including test kits, PPE (Personal protective equipment), and ventilators. “We are partnering with U.S. Mayors and National League of Cities.” They have initiated another avenue of service, the likes of which I haven’t seen anywhere else. “We are doing POD Casts on Mondays at 1 pm for the public with live Q&A and for businesses at 1 pm on Wednesdays.”

“It is one of our primary desires to connect with both Federal and State Organizations for further assistance.” The City is coordinating with churches and other non-profit organizations for assistance. The Mayor adds, “The Elks are currently conducting blood drives. I might add something of importance to students. We are working diligently with the School Districts for on-line studies.” He has asked the City to increase funding for public safety and health, and also, “I am requesting the City to establish a 115 Trust to take care of unfunded Pension Liabilities. And I urge other communities to follow suit. Once the market becomes normal, those funds will flow once again in a normal fashion.”

He urges that folks with WIC Cars who are not limited to buy items with WIC stickers to use their cards for other products so those who must buy only items with WIC stickers will not run short. The City, thinking in advance, is publishing a list of restaurants with take-out and delivery services of food. Finally, “I would suggest hiking, bike riding, swimming and other outdoor activities that do not involve a lot of people.. Use common sense and we should all get through these trying times. It seems to this reporter that Mayor Kotyuk and his city council are on top of the situation. Other communities might take heed. Just sayin’

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