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With the Westcoast Wrestling Company bringing the sport to The Wheelhouse, the Florida/Sanderson area is beginning to look like the entertainment center of Hemet and the San Jacinto Valley. The AMF Bowling Lanes and Derby Wheelhouse seem to provide the most of it. Upscale restaurants abound from Appleby’s to Steer and Stein and those in between. I will always go where the action is, east, west, north or south.

He will be bringing that talent to The Wheelhouse this Saturday, May 8th.

“Saturday will be our 44th live event since 2008. We have had the privilege of bringing wrestlers to Camp Pendleton to honor our U. S. Military. I’m a believer in giving something positive back to the community. Our events double as an anti-bullying campaign, with the good guy prevailing. The mission statement says, ‘we want to put a smile on people’s faces and give them a time they will never forget.’ I believe our brand of entertainment is something any age can enjoy.”

But why did he choose Hemet?

“For a number of reasons. The first is wanting to bring something fun and safe to do in the Valley; secondly, we have a great partnership with The Wheelhouse, a venue that supports your vision is an enormous endorsement.”

His show is called ‘Like None Other.’

“The experience wrestling fans will have is like none other. It is a great honor to be one of the first live events to take place since the pandemic.”

Adhering to CDC rules and regulations, all talent and crew will be tested for COVID before entering the venue. Temperatures will be taken, social distance maintained and masks worn. It will be an outside event which further lends to safety and protection.

Ya never know what’s just around the corner. Just sayin’ rustystrait@gmail.com

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