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Searching for Racism in America

It was 1619, the ports of Jamestown would usually receive a cargo shipment from the British shores. However, this year would be different; the English settlers required serious help to cultivate their newly acquired land from the Powhatan Indians. Some historians would write it was a mutual agreement; however, the bloodshed of the natives and early settlers happened from the first arrival in 1607. The English settlers had learned of a slave ship carrying some 150 Africans to Portugal.

Local School Lifts Community Spirits With Annual Peachpalooza

About 8,400 peaches and apples were distributed during the annual San Jacinto Valley Academy Peachpalooza and new tradition, the Peachpalooza Cooking Festival, which created remote opportunities for students and their families to connect through a shared experience and reflection.

Valley-Wide’s Turkey Trot Fun Run goes virtual

Valley-Wide Recreation and Park District’s popular Turkey Trot Family Fun Run and Walk is going virtual. Participants can plot their own 5-kilometer (3.1 miles) or 1-kilometer (.6 miles) course for the activity, which is usually held each fall at Diamond Valley Lake Community Park in Hemet.


Fall was in the air as carloads of kids enjoyed a drive-through event at the Soboba Sports Complex on Oct. 24. From 6 to 9 p.m., vehicles made their way through a maze of about 30 candy-laden stops during the tribal community’s Halloween Trunk or Treat event.

See Ahead Into the Past – We Can Do It!

It’s said those who don’t learn from the past are doomed to repeat it. Probably most of you reading this can remember an event or situation where, in hindsight, you could have, should have, or might have, planned for a better outcome - if only you could have been able to see ahead into the past.


US speeds up Abrams tank delivery to Ukraine war zone

The Pentagon is speeding up its delivery of Abrams tanks to Ukraine, opting to send a refurbished older model that can be ready faster, with the aim of getting the 70-ton battle powerhouses to the war zone by the fall, the Pentagon said Tuesday.

Biden signs measure nullifying DC criminal code revisions

President Joe Biden on Monday signed into law legislation nullifying the recent overhaul of the District of Columbia criminal code, but the fight between Congress and local lawmakers is continuing.

Los Angeles schools shut down as staff strike for better pay

Thousands of service workers backed by teachers began a three-day strike against the Los Angeles Unified School District on Tuesday, shutting down education for a half-million students in the nation’s second-largest school system.

Trump’s potential indictment caps decades of legal scrutiny

For 40 years, former President Donald Trump has navigated countless legal investigations without ever facing criminal charges. That record may soon come to an end.