Growing Up HillBilly – CHAPTER XVII

I was without so much as a step-father when my mother married Bob Kliment, a radio announcer at WCHS in Charleston. Bob was from Rochester, New York. He came from strong German stock and was a no-nonsense individual. He was mom's fifth husband, and in the beginning, he and I rarely spoke. I resented rather than disliked him from the start.


September started with new tariffs going live. What has followed and will follow for the month of September is a rally.

The Other Side

Every night when the clock strikes midnight, my neighbors, who live in the mobile home on my right, come out to sit on their porch and smoke marijuana.

Growing Up HillBilly – Chapter XVI

As an only child, I often felt lonely and left out. My cousin Bill, with siblings coming every year, did not have that problem. He was always happy to be away from what he called “too much family.”

Mass Shootings – Part 2

There is no definitive resolution by the courts of exactly how the Second Amendment should be interpreted. Historically, U.S. courts have held various interpretations of the Second Amendment, ranging from the perspective that this right lies only within government officials, to the viewpoint that this right also lies within individual citizens.