Maintaining while moving forward


(Maintaining while moving forward)

Multiple improvements to be made and maintenance to be had.

This last week the Hemet City council has been talking maintenance and sustainability.

On Nov 12 city council approved 3 projects:

  1. The Kirby Street Improvement Project
  2. The Warren Road and Auto Boulevard project
  3. The city purchased 4 electric charging stations and 2 electric vehicles as well.

The Kirby Street project, the cost of which is estimated to be $531,543.00, is covered by “Measure A” and entails the area between Devonshire and Menlo on Kirby Street, which will be subject to general improvements including; removal and reconstruction of failed asphalt areas, curb & gutter, cross gutter, non-compliant handicap ramps, as well as re-striping. Potholes be gone! This is a fairly small project, so the estimated timeline for completion of the project is 40 working days and will be carried out by Superior Paving Company dba United Paving Co. 

The Second project approved by the city is the construction of a traffic signal at Warren Road and Auto Boulevard. The estimated cost of the project is approximately $350,000.00.  This cost is also covered by a budget the City Council created called the CIP 5613. The process of constructing the traffic signal isn’t a long or tedious one, but the time to actually procure it can take up to six months so there is no set timeline for this project. It will begin once equipment arrives. 

Third on the list was the purchase of electric vehicles as well as their charging stations. The City has decided to purchase 2 of these vehicles. They can be acquired for little to no money under the Local Government Partnership Program Contract which supports California’s Cities in their attempts to procure zero-emission vehicles and install electric vehicle charging infrastructure. With that, the cost of this project, $112,575.04 will be similarly offset: good news for those of you who have electric vehicles or are interested in making the change. As the prominence of electric vehicles rises, the interest and funding towards supporting that local interest will rise as well.

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