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A lot of our citizens take America for granted. They never learn to appreciate the true value of this great nation of ours or what it truly stands for. Yes, we have the MAGA crowd, and they somehow feel superior to the rest of us in being American, but they don’t know what really makes America great.

I grew up when the cold war was at its height and the Soviet Union was our mortal enemy. We used to practice safety drills in our high school, in case, there was ever a nuclear attack. As scary as that sounds, we were prepared for it, because America stood for certain principles that had no room for compromise—even at the risk of total annihilation.

That’s the America that I found to be the greatest nation on this earth, making no compromises on our principles and standing up to the worst challenges ever imagined. America stood for what was good, what was just, and what was righteous. White hats, standing against the odds, to defend the helpless. Where the oppressed could find safety and downtrodden came for relief from their misery. The whole world looked towards us as a beacon of hope and prosperity.

One could judge a man’s character from a simple handshake. Where a man’s word was his honor, a promise made was kept at all cost, and being a gentleman was the norm. Where one was humble in victory and gracious in defeat. Where telling a lie was never acceptable and a man’s credibility was the be-all and end-all.

I am not waxing poetic about a time gone by or being nostalgic about the good old days. I am talking about America that still exists and still embodies all these principles of nobility. I am talking about an America that is just waking up from a hypnotic trance that had created the illusion that we, somehow, no longer catered to those principles of honor, credibility, and pride.

For the last four or so years, we have seen our politicians tell us all kinds of bald-faced lies. We have seen our media pundits feed us so many “untruths” or simple “falsehoods”, just to propagate their own agendas. We have seen such lack of integrity in most of our leaders that it became nauseating just to listen to them. They would say anything and repeat it over and over, through social and other media, to the point where we would just stop noticing the lie. The sad truth was that many people would actually start believing their lies, if repeated often enough and with conviction, false or otherwise.

Then came the elections. Biden won and Trump lost. All of a sudden, people woke up from their trance when the same politicians and pundits started to scream fraud when there was none to be found. People who were on the opposite ends of the political spectrum found something in common: the integrity of our voting process. One thing that we Americans cherish the most, is the right of every citizen to vote and the votes must be counted diligently and honestly. No matter who the winner is, the votes must decide that; not party affiliation, not political ideology of the people counting the vote, but the actual vote. Trump and his cronies were under the false impression that people involved in the process will tamper with this holiest of holy duties and somehow make him the winner. That the courts will be sympathetic because he appointed the judges. That politicians will act corruptly just because they are under his influence.

Well, I find myself feeling really proud of the judges who see through the farce brought forth in front of them. I feel proud of the canvassers and those that are certifying the results, accurately and properly. I feel proud of our citizens, who object to the false claims of massive voter fraud, when there is no way possible to mobilize so many people through so many states to commit such fraud. People are waking up to the real fraud: all these characters, including our very own president, who are screaming corruption. They are really trying to cause the very corruption that they seem to be crying about. I feel an incredible sense of relief, knowing that America is coming back to the realization that “credibility matters”. America will definitely be great again, made so by the citizens, and not by the liars trying to hold onto any fleeting sense of power.

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