Mixed Martial Arts continues to make strides ahead of the competition


MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) is one of the fastest growing sports of all time and continues to make strides ahead of the competition (Boxing, Olympic Wrestling, and other various forms of combat sports). In the past ten years Olympic wrestlers (Ben Askren, Henry Cejudo, and Daniel Cormier) have made the switch to MMA, Various fighters have great amateur boxing pedigree’s (Stephan Bonner, Antonio Nogueria, and Cody Garbrandt) and there are world class kickboxers who compete in MMA as well (Alistair Overeem, Mark Hunt, and Pat Berry). Many followers of the sport will argue what the best base to have to be competitive in the sport.

At Team Quest Athletic Center Corey Grant (owner and trainer) is a firm believer that you need to have a strong balance of the three and that’s why he constantly encourages his guys to learn all three disciplines. Corey Grant is a former fighter/champion in his own right, he also helps train/corner a number of current professional fighters who spend time training or teaching in his gym. Corey always tries his best to give his fighters the opportunity to compete outside of weekly training in the gym so that they can see how they are improving as fighters. That’s why Corey Grant is hosting a Kickboxing event at his gym on July 20th, 2019.

At this event, there will be around 20 fights varying between women’s matches, kids matches, and men’s matches. They are also planning on putting on a Heavyweight tournament and one fighter will be walking away with a championship belt. The fights are open to all levels and serve as a good way of seeing where your abilities and skills are amongst your peers.

The weigh-ins for the fights start at 8 am, and the gate opens at 11:00, tickets for spectators are only $15.00. The general admission ticket will allow you access to all 20 fights which will equal out to nearly a full days worth of entertainment. There are some strict rules at this event to ensure that all the fighters are safe and serious injuries are avoided. It is a Semi-Contact No Knockout event, that doesn’t mean that fighters will be in there without the intent to win, it just means they will be focusing more on scoring points instead of head hunting and swinging for the fences.

Mark it down in your calendars to attend this event on the 20th of July. It is a rare opportunity to watch live high-level kickboxing, get out of the heat for a while and spend $15.00 on all day entertainment. The fights take place at Team Quest Athletic Center (2821 W Esplanade, San Jacinto, CA, 92582) and tickets are on sale now.


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