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From the right…a new voice, Ann Walsh

On Jan. 25th more 600 people “Walked for Life” in our community. Many people carried small crosses which they placed in the “Cemetery of the Innocent” at the end of the Walk. They walked in memory of the 3000 babies who would die that day, and who have died every day in our country, so long as abortion remains legal. Whatever happened to the “safe, legal and rare” that was promised if abortion became legal? The people of the US were lied to, as Bernard Nathanson, one of the architects and champions of abortion told us, shortly before his death.  

Nathanson openly admitted that abortion-rights activists of the late 60s and early 70s knowingly lied to the people of the United States…but abortion became “law” 

There were those who tried to warn us in 1973 that we were opening a door that would soon become large enough for a mac truck to drive through: we are there. Infanticide is now defended openly for any child who survives an abortion, a search and destroy mission has begun in the womb for any child who might have a disability (Iceland brags that “Downs Syndrome has been eliminated”), physician- assisted suicide has now become another “right”. And we wonder at the mounting numbers of children committing suicide?

Despite all of this there is always hope. The sleeping giant that is the majority of Americans has been awakened. “The Walk and Rally for Life” that was held here is happening all across America. In cities and towns, large and small, people are gathering to raise their voices on behalf of life. Politicians are beginning to notice the numbers and hear the message that we vote for life. Life matters to us. The lie that pro-life people only care about the baby before it is born is not born out by any evidence. We are the people who fund and staff the Life Centers that offer services to mothers and their babies, before and after birth. We are there to walk with the thousands of women and others who regret their abortion decisions. We also support adoptions for those mothers who are not able to parent a child at the time of their pregnancy. Some children are unplanned but all are wanted by someone. For those who assume that a child conceived in rape should be an exception, go online and read the stories of children and their mothers who have gone through that experience. Listen to the survivors of abortion also. Death is never a better choice.

In record numbers, our young people are embracing the cause of life. They are proud to call themselves the “Pro-life generation.” Growing numbers of Pro-life organizations are found on our high school and college campuses. Pro-life is Pro-woman: we women are strong, courageous, talented and proud to be mothers. We will succeed with our children. We will not accept the lie that we can only rise by sacrificing our children.   

If you are interested in stopping the daily, senseless slaughter of thousands of lives, you can join Valley Pro Life, at

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