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Kajiya Halloway is the Quarterback of the San Jacinto Tigers football team, As a sophomore last year he lead his team into a deep playoff run and hopes to come back this season as a junior and do it again. He is cool, calm, and collected on the field and off the field and takes his football career very seriously. Kajiya knows how important his studies are as well as his play on the field in order to get into a top school, so he works his very hard trying to maintain his honor roll GPA of 3.8 which is good enough to get into most schools without his athletic promise. Add his athletic skills and any college program would be lucky to have him.

Halloway is a three-sport varsity athlete, he plays football, basketball, and baseball. When playing basketball, Kajiya is the shooting guard and when on the baseball field he plays shortstop two of the harder and most athletically demanding positions in their sports.

Halloway has Pac-12 dreams and would love to play football at USC. He is on the right track and has two more high school seasons to prove that he deserves that spot.

Ultimately Kajiya dreams of playing in the NFL, but he knows that it’s hard to get there, his fallback plan is to get his college degree and join the military in order to serve his country. A very mature and respectable thought from such a young man.

I asked Kajiya to tell me something that most people don’t know about him and he told me that he doesn’t play video games, he would rather work on his homework, study his playbook, or workout. He sees video games as a distraction and something that could prevent him from reaching his dreams, he would rather have a successful NFL career than earn achievements on his game system.

Coach Galliano is confident the Kajiya will lead this team to the promised land, he calls the young quarterback “The Real Deal” and has full confidence in his ability to lead this team.

Kajiya wears number one because his favorite player is Cam Newton, he loves how he plays the game and models his game after him, funny enough I asked him if he could play under any NFL coach who would it be and he said, “Bill Belichick.” because he loves their offensive schemes and likes how they play the game, it’s smart football.

Show your support for Kajiya Halloway by coming out to the San Jacinto Tigers games this upcoming season, he promises his play will be fun and exciting and is ready to make waves in the Mountain Pass League.


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