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George Grogan is a well-versed in UFO and Space Travelers to the world and especially the United States. His had early feelings when only a child but pushed them out of his mind until an experience turned his life study into learning more about this strange phenomenon that is pretty much on most folks' minds but for one reason or the other to not bring their beliefs and suspicion\ns to the forefront. George was among them.

Abominable: an adorable fairy tale about a girl and her magic yeti

Abominable may feel boilerplate: Plucky loner finds an unexpected friend, a wild journey ensues with the help of a motley crew, and it ends with a buffet of lessons about the power of friendship, family, and self-respect.

Business Spotlight: Jahz’s Hair Salon

Whether it’s treating mom for her birthday or treating yourself with a new hair-do, everyone enjoys a good pampering from time to time. No further than Florida Avenue, can you find Jahz’s Hair Salon for all of your beauty needs.

State of the City

Today the City of San Jacinto will present the State of the City held at the Soboba Casino Resort Center. Mayor Russ Utz will give his first address since taking a seat on Council in 2016. This year has marked many milestones for the City. Energy and excitement on the many positive directions will surely be felt.

Culture and entertainment in Hemet and San Jacinto

After reading with great interest the Things to do Calendar published and updated weekly in the Hemet / San Jacinto Chronicle, I have come to the conclusion that the San Jacinto Valley is indeed fortunate to have so many people interested in fostering a wide variety of cultural activities and events in our communities.


US speeds up Abrams tank delivery to Ukraine war zone

The Pentagon is speeding up its delivery of Abrams tanks to Ukraine, opting to send a refurbished older model that can be ready faster, with the aim of getting the 70-ton battle powerhouses to the war zone by the fall, the Pentagon said Tuesday.

Biden signs measure nullifying DC criminal code revisions

President Joe Biden on Monday signed into law legislation nullifying the recent overhaul of the District of Columbia criminal code, but the fight between Congress and local lawmakers is continuing.

Los Angeles schools shut down as staff strike for better pay

Thousands of service workers backed by teachers began a three-day strike against the Los Angeles Unified School District on Tuesday, shutting down education for a half-million students in the nation’s second-largest school system.

Trump’s potential indictment caps decades of legal scrutiny

For 40 years, former President Donald Trump has navigated countless legal investigations without ever facing criminal charges. That record may soon come to an end.