A Mother, Nana, and Business Woman
Angela is a mother to nine children varying in age. | Photo: Nicole Hermosillo

Angela Saenz is the sole owner of Absolute RV Care, a total RV care company that will take care of all your RV needs. They have a mobile detailing service, and a shop for more complicated jobs like Paint work, interior updates, or for just about anything else your RV may need she is the person to call (951 992-1100). Angela graduated high school as a member of the class of 1988.

Angela spends many hours throughout the week going above and beyond what is expected making sure her customers are satisfied and feel special, and that they know their business is appreciated. When customers drop off their RV with Angela they can rest assured that her employees will do great work and that Angela will oversee everything making sure that it’s done correctly before she signs off on it.

Her business isn’t her life though, Angela is a mother to nine children varying in age. Her kids have blessed her with 13 grandchildren and she loves having them around, You may even get the chance to see a couple of them playing basketball or helping around at the shop any given day.

Angela has been a force in this valley for many years, starting her first business in 2005, a coffee shop by San Jacinto High School called Ramona Espresso which quickly became popular among high school students and was a regular “kick it” spot for many. This lead Angela to having a positive impact on a lot of different kids lives in the valley. Various people around the valley refer to her as “Mom” or “Tia” who have no blood relation to her, but she has always been there for them if they need someone to talk too.

Angela aspires to having many more businesses, being a firm believer of “multiple streams of income” and already has a few business models written up for her future companies, She loves being an entrepreneur and even though she has felt like quitting on multiple occasions, she never will, because she simply doesn’t believe it’s an option.

In ten years Angela sees herself as a business mogul who wants to help build the Hemet & San Jacinto community to be seen as something great. Angela is thankful to God for all of her success and for having her back, “He is my backbone, if it wasn’t for him there is no way I’d be in this position,” she said.

Angela is a prime example –  if you are willing to put in the work you can achieve your dreams no matter what your story is. Angela loves to listen to the famous Rocky speech to remind her that life will beat you up but it doesn’t matter how hard you can hit, what matters is how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. The Hemet & San Jacinto Chronicle would like to honor Angela Saenz for her accomplishments and looks forward to the amazing achievements in her future.


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